They bet on nanotechnology as a sanitizer against COVID-19

Éviter brand products are endorsed by researchers belonging to the UAM and other laboratories worldwide

Despite the fact that regulation in nanotechnology advances slowly in Mexico compared to other countries, laboratories and sanitizer brands highlight the effectiveness of this tool in combating the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

This is also supported by studies published in the Journal of Nano Research, the journal of the International Society for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology.

In said publication, edited by Nobel Prize winner Harold Kroto, it is revealed that the Mexican nano biomolecule called SMNP, effectively eliminates SARS CoV-2.

The scientific study compares cytotoxicity, that is, the damage that substances generate in healthy cells; as well as the effectiveness against SARS-CoV-2, of multiple commercially available disinfectants around the world.

“I took up the documented antiviral function of secondary metabolites and developed a nano biomolecule effective against SARS-CoV-2, which does not generate toxicity in healthy cells of the organism”, explains Gabriela León, Industrial Biochemical Engineer and Co-Founder of eviter.

Technology that requires high investment

In an interview with El Médico Interactive México, the specialist clarifies that doing nanotechnology is not easy, since areas of knowledge such as physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics must be applied, in addition to the fact that the cost is high.

“You have to validate abroad and with the experts of each microorganism the efficacy of your patent, but you also have to validate its level of toxicity. I could show you more than 170 certification documents that must be complied with. You must pay the rights of patents, lawyers, their development”, he explains.

For León, developing nanotechnology in Mexico is not easy, due to the development time and its cost, however, he considers that it is worth it to curb the number of COVID-19 infections in the country.

“Those are batteries to keep going. I think that as entrepreneurs you must have this motivation with people abroad and also undertake social actions, ”she clarifies.

During the pandemic, Éviter supported doctors, nurses and vulnerable people such as the elderly, so that they were not infected.

Éviter is the Mexican brand of products such as sanitizers, cream and soap, developed to eliminate viruses, bacteria, fungi, spores and mycobacteria, without causing damage and with longer protection time through a powerful nano bio molecule developed after multiple years of research .

UAM supports development in Applied Nanophytochemistry

In a country with only 650 nanoscience researchers, promoting the development of scientific production is vital.

The SMNP nano biomolecule, which is capable of eliminating viruses such as respiratory Syncytial, influenza and the three types of Herpes, has a patent in more than 100 countries in the world.

This has the institutional endorsement of the Metropolitan Autonomous University, whose contribution has been permanent since the beginning of the investigations.

“The UAM has exhaustively confirmed that the research carried out in collaboration with Éviter is in accordance with the principles of ethics and good practice, which guarantees that the studies have the necessary requirements of scientific validity”, says Dr. Mario Héctor Martínez , researcher at the UAM and leader of the academic collaboration program between this house of studies and Éviter.

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They bet on nanotechnology as a sanitizer against COVID-19