They launched a new prize that will award $250,000 to the best schools in the world

In recent years, the “Global Teacher Prize” has become known, an award of 1 million dollars for the best teacher in the world, which is known as the “Nobel of Education”. The last edition was won by an American teacher, while the Argentine María Stelman was among the top ten positions.

Now, the global organization T4 Education, associated with the company Accenture, have just launched the “World’s Best School Prizes”, a prize to the best school in the world, or rather to the best schools in the world.

because although they have $250,000 to deliver, will be distributed among five winners of different categories. Among the jury of 150 world personalities there is only one Argentine: the former Minister of Education Stephen Bullrich.

Stephen Bullrich. Among the jury.

The categories into which the award is divided are as follows: Award for the Best School in the World for Community Collaboration; Best School in the World Award for Environmental Action; Best School in the World Award to Innovation; Best School in the World Award for overcoming adversityAward for the Best School in the World for Supporting Healthy Lives.

All basic education schools can participate, including those at the initial level. Both state and private. The only requirement is that are legally registered in their respective Ministry of Education or government regulatory authority. There is time to sign up until March 1 here.

After a first selection of 10 finalists from each category, winners will be announced in October 2022 during World Education Week. The $250,000 will be shared equally among the five winnersso each one will receive a prize of $50,000.

The 50 schools shortlisted in the five awards will receive a toolkit that will allow them to show the rest of the world the step by step of how they achieved progressso that it can inspire the rest of the world’s schools to improve.

“The ‘World’s Best School Prizes’ provide a grassroots solution to help build the systemic change needed. They will enable inspiring schools from all corners of the world share your best practices help others to replicate your innovative ideas and democratize the school experience to improve education”, they explained from the organization.

“Schools are the center of our communities and their future. Recognizing the best schools is lighting the way to a better world. I invite schools in Argentina and around the world to come forward and apply for the ‘World’s Best School Prizes’”, said Esteban Bullrich.

While Vikas Pota, founder of T4 Education and the World’s Best School Prizes, added: “We have launched these awards to bring to light the stories of schools that are building stronger societies and give them a voice at the table. to help transform education so that every child can achieve the quality education that should be their birthright.

Until March 1 they have time, then, all Argentine schools to participate in this global initiative.

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They launched a new prize that will award $250,000 to the best schools in the world