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Although the idea of ​​interpreting two characters created under the pen of an award Nobel Prize for Literatureas it is Mario Vargas Llosait is already talking about a greater challenge, the actress Macarena Achaga and the actor John Paul Di Pace they had to impregnate personality and identity to two people over 40 years, under completely different circumstances.

This feat can be witnessed in the series bad girl anticsthrough the platform ViX+which in 10 episodes translate the visual language from different periods of the narrative to develop the complex relationship between Ricardo Somocurcio and “the bad girl”.

“Vargas Llosa’s book is easy to read, but it has complexity, because it talks about two people and their obsessive love that travels through time and space. An actress said that she was only attracted to repulsive characters, I’m not saying they are like that, but they are difficult. Ricardo is an anti-galan and has a deep inner world, an expatriate looking for a dream, those parts made him a beautiful challenge, ”says Juan Pablo Di Pace.

In interview for Indigo Reportthe actress Macarena Achaga adds that both characters have different layers of readings that are not so clear, because they go through various emotions.

So for her it was about putting “the exact amount of lime and sand” to create a proportional mixture. Also, how the social and political factsthe various cities like France, Spain or Peruwere decisive for his way of being and acting.

The plot begins in the 50’s, until reaching the 80’s.

“It talks about how the collective conscience is being human, in who you are. It was nice to have references to everything that was happening around those times to tell this story, ”she specifies.

For his part, Pablo comments that the narrative gained more strength because the characters also have to live in the middle of a Revolution Cuban or the beginning of the fight for the HIVin parallel with a more introspective and emotional part, such as moving to another country, getting married, going through various duels, everything that can happen throughout a lifetime.

“Me character he is born from a humble background, but he wants to be something else, he has an ideal of living in France, they seek to transform themselves and that is good interpretively, because they give you more colors and lessons as an actor, for me it was learning the value of perseverance, because it is very easy to change, to throw everything away, and there is a human value in that and I think we have lost it a little bit”, explains Di Pace.

For Macarena, playing a woman who breaks with what conventional of an era, such as the 60s and 70s, is an opportunity to talk and put issues on the table slopes.

“As an actress, you do what you can, because many times the dashes They can be limiting, but you make a small space to create, especially with this important context. My character makes powerful decisions, he is not content with anything, if that is transmitted to the other side of the screen, I think we have already won, because he speaks of the fact that we can all choose who we want to be.

“The series taught me that, with everything and the years, you have to maintain the magic that causes feeling alive”

Macarena AchagaActress

“I always try to choose roles that represent extraordinary women who are clear about what their fight is and where they are going. Based on a lot of sacrifice, this woman takes control of her life with everything and the limitations ”, she comments.

Under the gaze of two directors

All this work would not have been possible without the direction of two creative and ambitious minds, Alejandro Bazzano Y Pavel Vazquezwho together with the writer María López Castaño, did a titanic job to adapt the novel by Mario Vargas Llosa to the visual universe.

“It was an interesting and faithful adaptation, because it maintained the spirit and intentions of the novel, together with the search for locations and talents make an attractive series”, comments the Spanish director Bazzano.

According to the Mexican Pavel Vázquez, what he most enjoyed about this project is that everyone made a perfect gear to carry out this “imposing challenge”, through locations both in Europe like in Mexico.

“We are finding different layers in its relationship, which is also interwoven with the process of time and the things that happen to it. They share their essence and not the projection they are towards others. They are characters that last so long revisiting themselves in different social, economic contexts, from a Paris or London in the 50s, it becomes a very complete picture that helps you navigate its history”, Vázquez deepens.

The series will premiere a new episode weekly through Vix+

What the Spanish director of bad girl antics was the approach of struggles and social goals. For example, during the time of the 1960s, the sexual revolution and how the world changed from it.

“Although the years have passed, many struggles are still active and alive, despite the passage of time. Yes, there are achievements and achievements, but there is a lot to fight for and achieve, the same slogans that began in the 1960s continue to be fought and do not come to fruition as it should have ”, he concludes.

What is it about bad girl antics?

The series presents the love story between arlettean adventurous woman and her teenage love, “Ricardo”, a man trapped in a routine, who, thanks to her, little by little learns to get out of his comfort zone.

Over the course of 40 years, the lives of both characters are intertwined throughout the world: Lima, Paris, Madrid, Tokyo and London, among others.

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They live a love through the years in the series Mischief of the bad girl – Indigo Report