They put into circulation “The Cradle of the Scorpio”

The Ravelo Hall of the Eduardo Brito National Theater dressed in magical realism with the release of “The Cradle of the Scorpion”, the second work by the Dominican writer Priscilla Velázquez Rivera, for which a monologue based on chapter five of the same was released: “Gorgona, the scorpion grandmother”, under the direction of the renowned and experienced playwright Manuel Chapuseaux and with the performance by Clara Morel, whose performance in this monologue positions her as one of the best actresses in the country.

Wrapped in the magic of the tables, this monologue of the “The Cradle of the Scorpion”, a historical novel that harmoniously combines quality and fun. An unusual reflection to understand ourselves as a society and as the dual beings that we are.

Among those present were illustrious Dominican writers, various representatives of Dominican literary circles, as well as diplomats and academic members of literature committed to the culture of the Dominican Republic.

At the end of the staging, the writer and editor of Ediciones Destino, Miguel Ángel Manrique, shared his review of the work with those present: “The prose has the vigor and flavor of mature narratives. The language, with its combinations, creates a musicality typical of the rhythms of the Caribbean, with a syntax of long and sonorous phrases, like drumbeats, which joins a literary tradition recognized for welcoming its African ancestors. The style is marked by a punctuation as if accompanied by the sea”, he indicated.

In 2021, “The Cradle of the Scorpion” received the Manuel de Jesús Galván novel prize, awarded by the Ministry of Culture of the Dominican Republic. Currently its international publication is carried out under the seal of Ediciones Destino of Grupo Planeta, a prestigious firm, with many years of experience with a catalog of emblematic Spanish authors such as the Nobel Prize for Literature Camilo José Cela, Miguel Delibes, Juan Goytisolo and Ana Maria Matute; and authors of other nationalities such as George Orwell, the also Nobel Prize winners Doris Lessing and Naguib Mahfuz.

After a long experience in the corporate and business world, Priscilla Velázquez Rivera decided to unleash her true passion, which is writing.

Her first novel, entitled “Valiente Piconera”, was a finalist in the XVII “Princesa Galianas” Women’s Narrative Contest, becoming the first Latin American author of this modality in the history of the award. Likewise, she was a finalist in the 2018 Camilo José Cela Narrative Award in Guadalajara (Spain) and Caligrama Talent Seal (second edition, December 2019), Penguin Random House.

For the author, putting this work into circulation, through other arts such as theater, is a transformative possibility that encourages creation, support among artists, and the promotion of culture in society.

The Cradle of the Scorpion” was presented in a perfect pairing between literature and theater this past Thursday, December 8, 2022, in the Ravelo Room of the National Theater.

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They put into circulation “The Cradle of the Scorpio”