They recognize a professor from the Coquimbo Region who won the “Nobel Prize for Teaching”

Her name is Maritza Arias, she works in Vicuña and teaches through mathematics and astronomy.

The Global Teacher Prize, known to the world as the “Nobel Prize for Teaching”Is an acknowledgment given by the project Choose Educate to teachers who, through innovative practices, impact the lives of their students and communities.

The ceremony for the 6th version of this award in Chile was held in the TVN communications yard, when the winner was announced Maritza Arias Manríquez, professor of mathematics and astronomy at the Leonardo Da Vinci school in Vicuña, after being nominated by her own students.

Maritza Arias explains that “by being able to link astronomy with mathematics, I manage to give mathematics more meaning, give it contextualization and also with a sense of belonging because we have the cleanest skies in the world in the world capital of astronomy. This was a more less anonymous work and now it allows me to make it visible, show it, share it with other teachers in Chile, I think that is the greatest objective that is being achieved ”.

Professor Maritza has been passionate about astronomy since she was little. Over the years, he looked for a place where this science was essential, thus he arrived in Vicuña and managed to combine 2 great passions: science that studies the universe mathematics.

In this sense, he comments that “the most important thing is that the work that one is doing is contributing because it generates an impact on the students, the boys, girls and young people are discovering little by little, they are experimenting with mathematics, they are giving He realizes how important it is as a tool to make sense of them, to model other types of problems. We achieve the motivation, that they consider that mathematics is no longer the most difficult subject. What I am looking for through this work is to be able to give this meaning to this science”.

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Pilar Cortés, director of the Leonardo Da Vinci school de Vicuña, points out that “having a professional like Maritza is tremendously proud, we are very happy that this recognition has been made of the work she does as a mathematics teacher, beyond the context of the classroom., because she has generated a tremendously positive impact in our learning community, in the teaching of mathematics ”.

They recognize a professor from the Coquimbo Region who won

He adds that “Maritza since she arrived at the establishment, she has shown us her professional qualities, at all times she has made us feel what is the motivation that brings her here to work in the Elqui Valley, she has had a fairly positive impact on the curriculum, we adapt it, in the hours of free disposition where she conducts an astronomy workshop, as well as the freedom of teaching that she has to incorporate astronomy into mathematics ”.

For his part, Mayor Rafael Vera said “Today she has won her family, her beloved school, the commune that she chose to live in., but fundamentally the children of our commune and of the country have won, who have realized that mathematics can give answers to many things that they do not imagine ”.

To the national recognition received by Professor Maritza Arias, joins the Bicentennial Coin delivered by the mayor, as a way to highlight those who have marked great milestones for Vicuña.

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They recognize a professor from the Coquimbo Region who won the “Nobel Prize for Teaching”