They recognized the Rosario scientist who is part of the 2021 Nobel Prize winning team

The Municipal Council presented the Diploma of Honor to Dr. Gabriela Gerosa. The initiative of the mayor Ariel Cozzoni, of the Unite-Un Gol para Rosario block took place “by virtue of his quality of member from the scientific team of Benjamin List, 2021 Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry, from the Max Planck Institute in the city of Mülheim An Der Ruhr, Germany “.

The ceremony was held in the “Lisandro de la Torre” Agreement Hall of the Municipal Council. Attended to the recognition – in addition to those mentioned – the General Director of Education of the Municipal Council Silvia Forte; Gerosa’s family and friends.

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At the beginning of the act, draft a video that reviewed with photos the professional career of the Rosario scientist; then the decree that originated the ceremony was read, and Councilor Cozzoni continued with a few words referring to the recognition.

“I am not going to refer to your technical knowledge but I will tell you that the distinction it was approved unanimously by the 28 councilors of the Body with representation of all the political forces “, indicated Cozzoni.

Finally, he realized that it is a recognition of “the entire city of Rosario to an outstanding personality”, in this case for his technical achievements in the field of scientific research.

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Then we proceeded to delivery of the attributes of the Municipal Council that were delivered by Cozzoni and received by Gabriela Gerosa. In this case, the decree that contains the legal text of the distinction, the diploma of honor, the memorial plaque, and a floral bouquet as a Protocol gift corresponded.

At the end, the honoree in particular thanked Councilor Cozzoni for his legislative initiative, and the City Council in general for his approval.


Gerosa has a degree in industrial chemistry at the local headquarters of the Universidad Católica de Argentina (UCA) and did her doctorate at the Instituto de Química Rosario (Iquir) of the Universidad Nacional de Rosario (UNR). While pursuing her doctorate as a Conicet fellow, she applied for a Bunge y Born scholarship and traveled for six months to stay in the laboratory of the award-winning scientist, who is also her academic tutor.

Nobel Prize

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry at the beginning of October to List, from the Max Planck Institute in Germany, and David MacMillan, from Princeton University in the United States, “for the discovery of asymmetric organocatalysis”, a development that allows the construction of molecules in a more ecological way and that drives important advances in the area of ​​pharmaceutical research.

About organic catalysts

The scientist interested in “green chemistry” explained that she did her doctorate in organocatalysis, a technique used in the research of new pharmaceutical products and that it is considered ecological, green and friendly to the environment, since it uses an alternative catalyst to metals and enzymes . “When it comes to synthesizing a drug, sometimes traces of metals can remain in them that can be toxic,” he said.

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They recognized the Rosario scientist who is part of the 2021 Nobel Prize winning team