They show an audiovisual short in tribute to the legacy of Gabriela Mistral in Mexico

The work highlights the relevant task carried out by the Nobel Prize for Literature in the Aztec country where she left an indelible mark.

The influence of Gabriela Mistral in Chili It is very noticeable especially in our region where special emphasis has been placed on disseminating his work.

However, the poet not only contributed to the advancement of social topics as the education and the support for peasants in Chile, but also abroad, specifically in Mexicoa country where the intellectual played a fundamental role.

On the occasion of Centenary of Gabriela Mistral on the Education reform Y Culture of Mexico, the office of Mistralian Affairs of the Department of Culture and the Department of Communications of La Serena, premiered the Municipal Short Film “1922, Gabriela Mistral in Mexico, 100 years of an eternal journey”which in the first instance was exhibited for the students of the Gabriela Mistral High School to continue later in different schools.

The animated video is now available on the social networks of the Municipality of La Serena.

This milestone of Nobel Prize in Mexico shows us the value of being “craftsmen of themselves”, even in the face of the complexities of our time, and, above all, the sense of social justice and the greatest transformations from the cultural and educational seat for the development of our territories, among other essential reasons.

100 years of the poet in Mexico:

The documentation and text work of the audiovisual piece was carried out by the office of Mistralian affairs in charge of Katherine Munoz Archers. “First of all we took some notebooks and textbooks. Gabriela Mistral that are part of his legacy that is in Chili from the 2007 and from some photographs and Mexican portals and theses, because the journey or feat of Gabriela Mistral in Mexico has been poorly documented in Chile, so we have the support of the Chilean researcher Carla Ulloa who published his thesis this year on the occasion of the 100 years of the poet in Mexico. Based on all this information, we spoke with Gonzalo Matamala, creator of the short film since December of last year, once the Nobel commemoration was over”, he highlighted.

On the relevance of the Robinson Hernández event of the Directorate of Tourism and Heritage, he pointed. “Undoubtedly, it is a good convergence of quality work that values ​​the validity of the legacy of Gabriela Mistral. This link with Mexico It fills us with pride and as a municipality and in particular for this administration, these small details enhance the promotion of culture throughout the commune”, he stated.

This is how the Municipality of La Serena highlights our Nobel Prize for Literature through a very well documented work and that has an innovative and beautiful audiovisual representation that makes it a highly recommended piece for the students of our educational establishments.

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They show an audiovisual short in tribute to the legacy of Gabriela Mistral in Mexico