This will be the program and the special guests of the Hay Festival Cartagena 2022

The XVII edition of the Hay Festival in Colombia will be held for more than a week, between January 27 and 30 in Cartagena de Indias. This year the festival will have activities for all ages, in person and / or via streaming.

During these four days there will be the presence of the best of literature, science, journalism, current affairs and music, articulated in four transversal thematic axes: climate emergency, equality, democracy and wellness.

Attendees may choose to accompany the programming in person, acquiring their tickets in advance on the website and complying with current biosecurity measures (hand washing, use of face masks and carrying their vaccination certificate when accessing each venue), or follow the festival in digital, and register at no cost for broadcasts made online. Likewise, like every year, students They will be able to access free of charge a quota of tickets for face-to-face activities, using a form that they will find in

In the case of There is a Cartagena de Indias Festival, It will feature a series of events, the theme of which has been grouped into the following disciplines: literature, science, economics and thought, arts and music and current affairs and journalism.


In this edition the Mexican author Juan Villoro will be presenting his new novel The land of great promise; the author of the essay Infinity in a reed, acclaimed by readers around the world, Irene Vallejo (Spain). And the most important thing in this section of the festival is that it will feature the Nigerian writer and Nobel Prize in Literature (1986) Wole Soyinka, that will present his new book Chronicles from the country of the happiest people on Earth (2021).

And there will also be the writers Piedad Bonnett, Jonathan Franzen, Yaa Giasi, Daniel Kehlmann, Vanessa Londoño, Carmen María Machado, Mario Mendoza, Pablo Montoya, Leonardo Padura, José Luis Peixoto, Pilar Quintana, Sergio Ramirez, Felipe Restrepo Pombo, Evelio Rosero, Camila Sosa Villada, Fernanda Trías, Juan Gabriel Vásquez, Manuel Vilas and Raúl Zurita


There will be a space for dialogue on current affairs in science that lays its foundations on interdisciplinarity. Therefore, the Colombian biologist will be in our dialogic space, Brigitte baptiste, who will converse with Aida Vasco (Colombia), mycologist, and with Mauricio Diazgranados about the wonderful world of mushrooms in Colombia and its multiple uses; among other guests.

Economy and thought:

In an approach to topics such as economics and thought, we have decided to release the series Imagine Democracy and Imagine the world, through which the issues that most afflict and challenge us as a global society such as: inequality, poverty, the urgent social crisis, racial and / or gender discrimination or the future of capitalist societies will be explored. To do this, we have devised a series of talks that will feature great experts in the field. This section will feature Julia Cagé, Adela Cortina, Reni Eddo Lodge, Wolfram Eilenberger, Yolanda Reyes, Djamilla Ribeiro, Vanessa Rosales, Thomas Piketty, among others.

Arts and music:

Exhibition and conversation with the artists in charge of the photographic exhibition Daughters of water, where Ruvén Afanador and Ana González Rojas pay tribute to the indigenous peoples who have inhabited Colombia for more than 200 years. Daniel Brühl, internationally acclaimed film director and actor, reviews his career and talks about his latest film, Next door with Ricardo Chica. Vivek Shraya, an acclaimed Canadian artist who will perform the piece Show, in which he will combine music, literature, visual arts, theater and even cinema to address topics such as mental health or social inclusion.

In a complementary way, the musical note comes from the hand of Nidia Gongora, traditional singer, composer, cultural and community leader, who will perform alongside The Mambanegra, an orchestra made up of nine virtuoso Cali musicians who call their style breaksalsa. We will talk about how to tell the stories of the region, through the eyes of writers such as Juan Cardenas or Velia Vidal (Colombia) who are working hand in hand with the British Museum Santo Domingo Center to build narratives beyond colonial historiography. We will say goodbye to the festival with a tribute event to the tenth that celebrates the rich Latin American, Caribbean and Colombian musical tradition.

News and journalism:

They will be talking about the challenges of current politics on a global stage will be: the renowned writer, journalist and author of the essay The revenge of power Moses Naim (Venezuela) who will share his perspective on global phenomena such as populism; the journalist of The New Yorker Patrick Radden Keefe (United States) who will examine the entrails of the pharmaceutical industry, the central theme of his latest novel The empire of pain or the consecrated Argentine writer and journalist Martin Caparrós, author of America, which will analyze corruption and inequality in Latin America.

Anne Boyer (United States) won the 2020 Pulitzer Prize for non-fiction for Crumble, a reflection on the disease in a capitalist world. Sandra Borda (Colombia), Associate Professor of the Department of Political Science of the University of Los Andes, who from a philosophical position will reflect on the role of politics with Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo (Spain). There will also be Maria Jimena Duzán, who will reveal the profound consequences of violence and armed conflicts, vindicating peace processes worldwide in conversation with Francisco de Roux (Colombia).

Addressing current affairs in journalism will be French Jean François Fogel and the Danieles: Daniel Coronell, Daniel Samper Pizano and Daniel Samper Ospina next to Ana Bejarano, appealing to the ethics and independence of the press in the era of disinformation. Finally, Katherine Gil Director and founder of the Young Creators of Chocó corporation, along with other women from the Pacific, will share her experience with Nidia Gongora, building community, culture and knowledge.

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This will be the program and the special guests of the Hay Festival Cartagena 2022