Three cushion carom

Carambola with the value of Pedro Sánchez’s master move yesterday afternoon in the Congress of Deputies when the labor reform was approved rebound and in the midst of chaos, even if it was only by one vote, and to make matters worse that of a Pepero deputy, former mayor of an important (and beautiful) city of Cáceres and a former senator, attached to the narrowest circle of Casado. But it is not yet known whether he pressed the wrong button or the wrong one was the telematic system (he voted from home), an error without amendment in the first case, but in the second it would force him to rectify and change the sign of the vote, which in At first it seems highly unlikely.

In any case, the catastrophe that has allowed the approval of the labor reform responds to a rosary of alliances and ruptures that leaves Yolandísima very touched and that, in addition, possibly influences our elections.

To begin with, checkmate Superguay Yolandísima Díaz, muñidora according to her immodest way of saying a reform of progress, historic in her cackling opinion, which has had the votes in favor of the cave of the PdCAT, refuge of the most rancid Catalanism, of the remains of Citizens, support that sinks the leftist image of the aforementioned, and of Teruel Exists, a group that is for what Sánchez says; and with the votes against PP, VOX and the partners of the government investiture: PNV, ERC, Bildu, BNG and CUP. Gamarra, spokesman for the PP, has made it very clear to Super Yolandísima: “The sanchismo machinery has been launched against you, and you have entered the cutting room.”

Designated heiress by Pablo Iglesias, Yolandísima had taken seriously that she was going to be president of the government. And Sánchez Matalascallando let her grow and flattered her, losing her, with the poisoned gift of this reform. That she show off, that she strut her stuff, that she display her importance: that was the bait. The poison was in the dilemma: align with the businessmen and Brussels or fulfill an impossible promise, a promise made when Sánchez needed that support at whatever price. Very self-satisfied, Yolandísima hallucinated. She would fool each other.

However, a reform that hardly changes that of Rajoy was eaten with potatoes, in the words of Rufián, applauded by “the CEOE, FAES, Banco de Santander and Ciudadanos”. Consequently, yesterday we attended the funeral of the project that would articulate an unbeatable feminist and left-wing platform around his illustrious person. Sánchez has crushed it and incidentally has introduced the seed of discord in Podemos.

But it has not only been that achievement, which would already be a lot. A seasoned player, by negotiating with Ciudadanos and seeking their votes, he has revived the Arrimadas formation, a party in decomposition and adrift that, like any castaway, has eagerly grabbed the float that has been thrown at it, from now on it has become an appendage of sanchism. Better that, the leaders will think of him, than lose the site (and the perks).

Does anyone think that this will not affect the elections in Castilla y León? At the beginning of the Ciudadanos campaign, it was bordering on irrelevance, then a short-lived comeback began, somewhat more animated after that tedious debate in which Mañueco and Tudanca tied for nothing, and now the polls assign Igea enough votes to win a couple of attorneys and point out that it is approaching the third, because that is what it has to revive under the protection of power.

Which Sánchez has been very lucky? Well yes, but luck is involved in everything, also in voting, although in my opinion it is not just a question of luck. I will not bring up the hackneyed Virgilio quote (“Audaces fortuna juvat”), but another one attributed to Jacinto Benavente, the author of “The vested interests”, Nobel Prize for Literature: “Everyone believes that having talent is a matter of luck; nobody thinks that luck can be a matter of talent”, in this case of political talent, which, in our extremely degraded parliamentary system, is equivalent to self-confidence to maneuver in the basements. Pedro Sánchez, who is plenty in this regard, gets up early to whom he trusts.

Lucky carom, but three-way carom. Eye to the data: shrimp that falls asleep, is carried away by the current.

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Three cushion carom