Today is Sunday, November 28, 2021

There are 33 days until the year 2022.

Santoral: Santos Jacobo, Basilio and Esteban el Joven.

Independence Day of Mauritania and Albania

National ephemeris:

1493. Upon arrival the day before, Christopher Columbus disembarks with his entire fleet near the Christmas Fort, finding it burned and its garrison dead.

1868. Former President General Gaspar Polanco, a soldier of the Restoration War, who was wounded in a combat recorded in Esperanza, dies in La Vega.

1898. The military man, journalist, writer, politician and former President of the Republic, Francisco Gregorio Billini, dies in Santo Domingo.

1955. The members of the National Assembly who will review the Constitution are “elected”, among them Luis Julián Pérez (designated President of the Assembly), Federico Álvarez (vice president), Ramón de Windt Lavandier and Marcos Cabral, secretaries.

1961. Political, social and popular sectors start a strike with the sole purpose of having President Joaquín Balaguer resign from office.

– Through Law No. 5685, the name of the Trujillo province is replaced by that of San Cristóbal, as well as the common capital.

1962. The parties participating in the first elections, after the execution of the tyrant Rafael Trujillo, agree with the Central Electoral Board that the votes be printed in color and that the ballots be fractional.

1963. Dr. Manuel Aurelio Tavárez Justo and 15 leaders of the June 14 Revolutionary Movement, initiate a guerrilla insurrection against the government of the Triumvirate, through six fronts.

1965. The PRD’s National Disciplinary Council decides to expel from its ranks its historical leader Ángel Emilio Miolán Reynoso, accused of violating the organization’s political line during the April War of that year.

1966. A Constituent Assembly modifies the Constitution of the Republic in which “Presidential Re-election” is allowed.

2005. A commission of deputies and government officials agrees to raise the diesel tax from 11% to 17% and to tax the gross sales of companies with 1.5%, as part of the package of changes in the tax system.

2018. The Chamber of Deputies approves in first reading the bill that makes official the photos of the patricians Juan Pablo Duarte, Francisco del Rosario Sánchez and Matías Ramón Mella, as mandatory and only to be placed in the public institutions of the country.

– The former president of the Lower House, Lucía Medina, asks the Senate Culture Commission to form a Bicameral Commission to travel to Venezuela and, in coordination with the Foreign Ministry and an anthropologist, identify the place where the remains of Rosa Duarte Diez lie , the sister of the father of the Nation, Juan Pablo Duarte.

2019. The Plenary of the JCE, in its ordinary session, approves the protocol for manual counting and automated voting presented to political parties, groups and movements, including the incorporation of a fingerprint reader into said voting modality, in order to guarantee the unequivocal integrity of the voter identification.


749. Abdul-I-Abbas orders the slaughter of all the Umayyads in Damascus.

1654. The Spanish colony and all the possessions of Spain in America are at the mercy of invasions by pirates or English ships, after the declaration of war that Olivero Crowmwell, of England, issued against Spain.

1821. Panama proclaims its independence from Spain and adheres to Greater Colombia.

1857. Alfonso XII, King of Spain between 1874 and 1885, was born.

1939. The Soviet Union declares war on Finland.

1942. At least 809 English sailors and Italian prisoners of war are eaten by sharks when a German submarine sinks the steamer Nova Scotia.

1943. The Tehran Conference takes place, with the intervention of Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill.

1954. The Italian physicist Enrico Fermi, Nobel Prize in Physics in 1938, dies.

1961. The Union of the Soviet Socialist Republic, the United States and Great Britain resume, in Geneva, their talks on the suspension of nuclear tests.

1980. In the framework of the Iran-Iraq War, the Iranian Navy and Air Force launch Operation Morvarid (‘pearl’), which destroys more than 70% of the Iraqi air force.

1982. In Colombia, the lawyer and politician Gloria Lara is shot in the neck after spending five months kidnapped by the People’s Revolutionary Organization.

1987. Some 159 people are killed in a fire and South African Airways Flight 295 crash in the northeast of Mauritius.

1990. Margaret Thatcher’s term as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom ends.

2005. The Netherlands and leaders of the five Caribbean islands that make up the Netherlands Antilles – Curaçao, St. Marteen Bonaire, Saba and St. Eustatius – agree to separate the latter.

2010. In Haiti, the presidential and legislative elections are held (after being postponed by the earthquake that affected Port-au-Prince on January 12), originally scheduled for February 28, whose provisional results were classified as fraudulent, creating an electoral crisis and politics.

2012. President Barack Obama extends the Foreign Intelligence and Surveillance Act for five years, which allows agencies to spy on the calls and emails of foreign nationals.

2014. Mexican comedian Roberto Gómez Bolaños, creator of characters such as Chespirito, El Chapulín Colorado and El Chavo del 8, dies at the age of 85 at his residence in Cancun.

– At least 100 dead in a mosque in Kano (Nigeria).

2016. The businessman Jovenel Moise, wins the presidential elections in Haiti supported by former president Michel Martelly, in the first round, receiving 55.67% of the votes.

2018. The compliance director of the Brazilian group Odebrecht, Olga Pontes, recognizes that the path of “reckoning” and fighting corruption is “painful” but necessary, considering that “it is not possible” to build a future “without first reconciling with the last”.

2019. Given the impossibility of communicating with a plane that had violated the security space in Washington, the White House and the Capitol are temporarily closed, although minutes later the alert was lifted, resuming normal activity.

– The interim government of Bolivia announces the appointment of an ambassador to the United States, the first in eleven years, after the previous one was expelled by Washington as a result of a diplomatic conflict during the term of the deposed president Evo Morales.

– The center-right senator of the National Party, Luis Lacalle Pou, will be the next president of Uruguay, after the figures released by the second ballot carried out by the Electoral Court, confirming his victory in the second round.

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Today is Sunday, November 28, 2021