Today’s anniversary, January 4, 2022. What happened on January 4? –

Check today’s ephemeris, January 4, 2022 and discover who was born, who died and what happened throughout History on a day like today.

On such a day of the year 1823, the overflowing of the Guadalquivir river floods Seville. In 1936, the magazine “Billboard” publishes the first list of musical successes of the world. In the year 1958, a New Zealand expedition, led by Edmund Hillary, reaches the South Pole. In 1959, Alaska becomes the 49th state in the US.

What happened on January 4?

1823 / The overflowing of the Guadalquivir river floods Seville.

1882 / The Coruña newspaper “La Voz de Galicia” begins to be published.

1904 / The first aeronautical laboratory is created in Spain.

1933 / A fire destroys the French ocean liner “L’Atlantique” when it was sailing off the French coast. 19 crew members die.

1936 / The magazine “Billboard” publishes the first list of musical successes in the world.

1948 / Burma proclaims its independence from Great Britain.

1958 / A New Zealand expedition, led by Edmund Hillary, reaches the South Pole.

1960 / Great Britain, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, Austria and Portugal sign in London the founding treaty of the European Free Trade Community (EFTA).

1964 / Paul VI travels to Jerusalem, where the next day he meets with the Orthodox patriarch Athenagoras. Paul VI was the first Pope to visit the Holy Land.

1969 / Signature in Fez of the treaty for the retrocession of the territory of Ifni from Spain to Morocco.

1977 / In Spain the Court of Public Order is abolished, the National Court is created and the crimes of terrorism pass from the military to the civil jurisdiction.

1978 / The General Council of the Basque Country is created as a pre-autonomous Basque institution.

1984 / Israeli air raids on Lebanon cause more than 100 deaths and 400 injuries in the Baalbek region.

1993 / Daniel Arap Moi is sworn in as Kenyan president, after being re-elected in the first multi-party elections in 26 years.

2004 / The probe “Spirit” reaches the surface of Mars.

>> The councilor in cap of the Generalitat, Josep Lluis Carod Rovira, meets with ETA leaders in France. After knowing this meeting by the press, on the 27th he resigned from his position.

2006 / The Prime Minister of Israel, Ariel Sharon suffers a stroke and is replaced by Ehud Olmert.

2007 / Democratic legislator Nancy Pelosi becomes the first Speaker of the House of Representatives in US history.

2008 / For the first time in its 30-year history, the Dakar Rally is suspended due to the terrorist threat from Al Qaeda in Mauritania.

2009 / The Spanish photographer José Cendón and the British journalist Colin Freeman are released after spending 38 days kidnapped in Somalia.

2010.- The world’s tallest tower, “Burj Dubai”, with 828 meters high, was inaugurated in Dubai.

2015 / Pope Francis appoints Ricardo Blázquez, president of the Spanish Episcopal Conference, as cardinal.

2016 / USA sues German car manufacturer Volkswagen for environmental crimes.

2021 / Iran begins to enrich uranium to 20%, in breach of the nuclear agreement.

>> The British Justice rejects the extradition of Julian Assange to the United States.

What happened on January 4 in America?

1834 / Coup in Peru. The Lima garrison proclaims Pedro Bermúdez supreme chief, thus starting the civil war.

1894 / Proclamation of the Republic of Hawaii.

1978 / Pinochet wins a plebiscite that rejects United Nations resolutions that condemn Chile for not respecting human rights.

2005 / The Supreme Court of Chile confirms the prosecution of Augusto Pinochet for crimes committed in “Operation Condor”.

2014 / Chile inaugurates the Joint Scientific Polar Station “Glaciar Unión” in Antarctica.

Who were born on January 4?

1643 / Isaac Newton, English physicist and mathematician (December 25, 1642 according to the Julian calendar).

1809 / Louis Braille, French pedagogue, creator of the reading and writing system for the blind that bears his name.

1839 / Casimiro de Abreu, Brazilian poet.

1866 / Ramón Casas, Spanish painter.

1913 / Sixto Ríos García, Spanish mathematician.

>> Manuel Andújar, Spanish writer.

1932 / Carlos Saura, Spanish filmmaker.

1940 / Gao Xingjian, Chinese writer, Nobel Prize for Literature.

>> Brian Josephson, British physicist, Nobel Prize winner in Physics in 1973.

1942 / John Mclaughlin, British guitarist.

1943 / Jesús Torbado, Spanish writer and journalist.

1953 / Cruz Bustamante, American politician of Hispanic origin.

1959 / Joaquín Francisco Puig, Ximo Puig, Spanish politician, president of the Generalitat Valenciana.

>> – Fernando Aramburu, Spanish writer.

1963 / May-Britt Moser, Norwegian neuroscientist, 2014 Nobel Prize winner in Medicine.

1965 / Julia Ormond, British actress.

1966 / Christian Kern, former Austrian Chancellor.

1969 / Julio Aparicio, Spanish bullfighter.

1973 / Laia Marull, Spanish actress.

1974 / Fernando Sanz Durán, former Spanish footballer.

1979 / Adrián Barbón, Spanish politician, president of Asturias.

1980 / Alexandra Jiménez, Spanish actress.

1981 / Diana Trujillo, Colombian aerospace engineer.

1990 / Toni Kroos, German footballer.

1995 / María Isabel López (María Isabel), Spanish singer.

1998 / Courtney “Coco” Jones, American actress and singer.

Who died on January 4?

1920 / Benito Pérez Galdós, Spanish writer.

1941 / Henri Bergson, French philosopher.

1960 / Albert Camus, French writer. Nobel Prize 1957.

1961 / Erwin Schrodinger, Austrian physicist, Nobel Prize in Physics in 1933.

1965 / Thomas Eliot, Anglo-American writer, Nobel Prize for Literature in 1948.

1999 / José Vela Zanetti, Spanish painter.

2006 / Maktoum bin Rashid al Maktoum, Emir of Dubai.

>> Irving Layton, Romanian-born Canadian poet.

2007 / Bernard Meltzer, American jurist, prosecutor in the Nuremberg trials and co-author of the Charter of the United Nations.

>> Carles Fontsere, Spanish poster and set designer.

2010 / Roberto Sánchez, “Sandro”, Argentine singer-songwriter.

2011 / Gerry Rafferty, Scottish musician.

2012 / Eve Arnold, American photographer.

2015 / Pino Daniele, Italian singer-songwriter.

2016 / José María Segovia de Arana, Spanish physician.

2017 / Georges Pretre, French conductor.

2018 / Aharon Appelfeld, Israeli writer.

2019 / Miguel Gallastegui, Spanish baseball player.

2020 / Lorenza Mazzetti, Italian film director, painter and writer.

2021 / Tanya Roberts, American actress.

>> Albert Roux, French chef.

Santoral of January 4.

  • Aquiline.
  • Rigoberto.
  • Roger.
  • Dropped.
  • Gregory.
  • Genoveva.

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Today’s anniversary, January 4, 2022. What happened on January 4? –