Today’s ephemeris, December 30, 2021: What happened on December 30?

On a day like today, December 30, although in 1927 the Ginza Line in Tokyo (Japan), the first meter from Japan and Asia. At first the line made the route between Ueno and Asakusa.

On December 30 in 2006 the terrorist gang ETA carries out a attack on the Terminal T4 of the Madrid-Barajas airport (Spain). A bomb exploded and two people of Ecuadorian nationality died and were sentenced to prison Igor Portu, Martín Sarasola and Mikel San Sebastián.

You want to know more? Discover the ephemeris of December 30 and see what happened, who was born and who died on a day like today. Also, do not miss what is celebrated, the horoscope and today’s saints.

What happened on December 30?

1833: Minister Javier de Burgos divides Spain into 49 provinces.

1850: Juan Donoso Cortés denounces administrative corruption in Spain and Ramón María Narváez resigns.

1874: A provisional government is constituted in Spain under the leadership of Cánovas del Castillo after the Martínez Campos coup.

1885: María Cristina de Habsburgo is sworn in as regent in Congress of the Constitution.

1902: The Government of Spain sends warships to Tangier before the Rif War.

1922: The Congress of Soviets approves the creation of the Soviet Union in Moscow.

1927: The automatic telephone is inaugurated in Zaragoza (Spain).

1953: The first television set in the United States goes on sale.

1972: The United States stops bombing civilian towns in North Vietnam in the Vietnam War.

1977: Ted Bundy escapes from his cell for the second time in Glenwood Springs, Colorado.

1980: The World Champions Gold Cup begins in Montevideo (Uruguay).

1983: The guerrillas occupy the main headquarters in the north of San Salvador.

1992: The Organic Law that ratifies the Maastricht Treaty in Spain enters into force.

nineteen ninety five: The lowest temperature in the history of the United Kingdom is recorded, with 27.2 ° C below zero in Altnaharra.

2004: The Parliament of the Basque Country approves the new Ibarretxe Plan political statute.

2006: Saddam Hussein is executed in Baghdad (Iraq).

2020: Argentina legalizes abortion for up to fourteen weeks’ gestation.

2020: Becky Hammon becomes the first female coach in NBA history on the San Antonio Spurs team.

Who was born on December 30?

39: Titus, Roman Emperor.

1865: Rudyard Kipling, British writer and poet, Nobel Laureate in Literature.

1895: José Bergamín, Spanish writer.

1911: Rafael Calvo, Spanish actor.

1918: Francisco Aura Boronat, Spanish activist and popularizer.

1925: Margarita Aguirre, Chilean writer and critic and biographer.

1930: Youyou, Chinese scientist.

1939: Fernando Ledesma, Spanish politician.

1942: Guy Edwards, British Formula 1 driver.

1946: Patti Smith, American singer.

1952: Jesús Ferrero, Spanish writer.

1966: Bennett Miller, American filmmaker.

1974: María Esteve, Spanish actress.

1975: Tiger Woods, American golfer.

1979: Boubacar Barry, Ivorian footballer.

1980: Didier Ilunga Mbenga, Congolese-Belgian basketball player.

1986: Ellie Goulding, British singer.

Who died on December 30?

1808: José Moñino, Spanish politician.

1870: Juan Prim, Spanish military and politician.

1922: José Ortega Munilla, Spanish writer and journalist.

1944: Romain Rolland, French writer, Nobel Prize Winner for Literature.

1963: Joaquín Benjumea, Spanish politician.

1968: Trygve Lie, Norwegian diplomat, UN Secretary General.

1992: Tío Gamboín (Ramiro Gamboa), Mexican actor and presenter.

2000: Paco de Antequera, Spanish guitarist.

2009: Concha Linares-Becerra, Spanish novelist.

2012: Rita Levi-Montalcini, Italian neurologist and politician.

What is celebrated on December 30?

On December 30, the International Indian Cinema Day to promote cinematographic works and different genres developed in India.

December 30 horoscope

All who were born on December 30 have the zodiac sign Sagittarius according to the horoscope.

Santoral of December 30

The December 30 is the saints of the Translation of Santiago, Saint Judith the Apostle, Saint Anisia the martyr, Saint Anisius of Thessalonica, Saint Egvin of Worcester, Saint Exuperancio deacon, Saint Felix I pope, Saint Geremaro de Flay, Saint Hermetes of Bononia, Saint Jocundo bishop, Saint Lawrence of Fraxanone , San Perpetuo bishop, San Rainerio de Vestinos, San Rogerio bishop and San Venustiano martyr.

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Today’s ephemeris, December 30, 2021: What happened on December 30?