Today’s ephemeris, January 7, 2022: What happened on January 7?

On January 7 like today but in 2015 the Attack against Charlie Hebdo, a newspaper located in Paris (France), and in which 12 people died in total between journalists and police officers. The attackers entered the magazine’s headquarters around 11:00 a.m. and They started shooting media employees in the newsroom. Paris prosecutor François Molins noted that the attackers shouted “Allah is great.”

Also on January 7 but in the year 2020 Pedro Sánchez is inaugurated President of the Government in Spain in a second vote after remaining nine months as acting Prime Minister.

You want to know more? Discover the ephemeris of January 7 and see what happened, who was born and who died on a day like today. Also, do not miss what is celebrated, the horoscope and today’s saints.

What happened on January 7?

1610: Galileo Galilei observes four of Jupiter’s moons with his telescope in Italy.

1785: Jean Pierre Blanchard and John Jeffries make the first hot air balloon crossing in the English Channel between England and France.

1789: The United States holds the first presidential elections, from which George Washington is elected.

1894: WK Dickson patents the motion ‘film’.

1899: The first issue of the magazine ‘Vida Literaria’ is published in Madrid (Spain), directed by Jacinto Benavente.

1904: The distress signal CQD is established, which is replaced by SOS years later.

1908: The Law of the Squadron is enacted in Spain, which endows the country with maritime forces after the wars in Cuba and the Philippines.

1924: It is the International Joquei Federation (FIH) in Paris (France), made up of seven member states, including Spain.

1927: Business telephone service between London and New York begins.

1928: The River Thames overflows and causes floods in London (United Kingdom).

1936: The president of the Second Spanish Republic, Niceto Alcalá Zamora, dissolves the Cortes and calls elections.

1953: President Harry Truman announces that the United States has developed the hydrogen bomb.

1954: The electronics company IBM shows the first translator machine in the United States.

1972: A Caravelle 6-R plane of the Iberia company collides with Mount Sa Talaia de Sant Josep in Ibiza and 104 people die.

1982: The then King of Spain Juan Carlos I is awarded the International Charlemagne Prize in Aachen (Germany).

1985: The United States and Russia dialogue and negotiate nuclear and space disarmament after the Cold War.

1990: The Tower of Pisa (Italy) is closed to the public due to security problems.

1999: The trial against former US President Bill Clinton begins.

2007: An investigation carried out in the United States discovered the presence of stem cells in amniotic fluid.

2012: The Spanish writer Álvaro Pombo wins the Nadal award with his novel ‘El Tremor del Hero’.

2013: Argentine footballer Lionel Messi wins his fourth Ballon d’Or and surpasses Johan Cruyff, Marco van Basten and Michel Platini in number of trophies.

Who was born on January 7?

1624: Guarino Guarini, Italian architect, philosopher and mathematician.

1768: José I of Spain, Pepe Botella, Spanish King.

1830: Albert Bierstadt, German painter.

1913: Francisco Fernández del Riego, Spanish writer and politician.

1916: Elena Ceausescu, Romanian politician.

1941: John E. Walker, British chemist, Nobel laureate in Chemistry.

[1945: María Manuela Díaz Orjales, Spanish singer and painter.

1963: Carmen Machi, Spanish actress.

1964: Nicolas Cage, American actor and producer.

1964: Mar Carrera, Spanish actress.

1971: JD Barker, American writer.

1972: Pedro Contreras, Spanish soccer player.

1974: Julen Guerrero, Spanish soccer player and journalist.

1985: Lewis Hamilton, British Formula 1 driver.

nineteen ninety five: Leslie Grace, American singer-songwriter.

1998: José Joaquín Esquivel: Mexican soccer player.

2012: Blue Ivy, American singer.

Who died on January 7?

1758: Allan Ramsay, Scottish poet.

1948: María de Maeztu, Spanish pedagogue.

1950: Alfonso Rodríguez Castelao, Spanish writer and cartoonist.

1972: John Berryman, American poet.

1972: Trini de Figueroa, Spanish writer.

1973: Pedro Berruezo, Spanish soccer player.

1980: Larry Williams, American singer-songwriter.

1984: Alfred Kastler, French scientist, Nobel laureate in Physics.

1989: Hirohito, Japanese emperor.

2004: Ingrid Thulin, Swedish actress.

2007: Ursicino Martínez, Spanish sculptor.

2010: Bruria Kaufman, Israeli theoretical physicist

2011: José Félix Sáenz Lorenzo, Spanish mathematician, university professor and politician.

2013: Fred L. Turner, American businessman.

2013: José Sánchez de la Rosa, Spanish journalist.

What is celebrated on January 7?

On January 7, the Postage Stamp Day, which aims to highlight the importance of stamps and their role in the postal service around the world.

January 7 horoscope

All who were born on January 7 have the zodiac sign Sagittarius according to the horoscope.

Santoral of January 7

The January 7 is the saints of Saint Ambrose of Milan, Saint Agathon, Saint Antenodoro, Saint Eutiquiano pope and martyr, Saint Fara, Saint John the Silent, Saint Maria Josefa Rossello, Saint Martin abbot, Saint Sabino, Saint Theodore martyr and Saint Urbano bishop.

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Today’s ephemeris, January 7, 2022: What happened on January 7?