Today’s ephemeris, June 18: This happened in the world on a day like today

On a June 18, but 1981, doctors in San Francisco (CaliforniaUnited States) formally recognize the AIDS epidemic.


1429.- The French led by Joan of Arc They defeat the English army at the Battle of Patay.

1815.- In the battle of waterloo (Belgium) British, Dutch and German troops defeat Napoleon Bonaparte and put an end to his imperialist aspirations.

LOOK: The European Union supports the “European dream” of Ukraine, where fighting against Russia intensifies in the east

1940.- The general De Gaulle constitutes the National Committee of Free France.

1946.- officially established the Republic of Italy. King Umberto II goes into exile in Portugal.

1953.- proclamation of the Arab Republic of Egypt and abdication of King Farouq.

1967.- Jimi Hendrix burns his guitar in full concert in Monterey (California).

1969.- Premiere in Los Angeles of the western “Wild Group” (“the wild bunch”).

1972.- 118 people die in a plane crash at London Airport Heathrow.

1979.- Carter (USA) and Brezhnev (USSR) sign the treaty “SALT II”which limits the manufacture of nuclear weapons.

– Microsoft releases programming language BASIC 8086.

1982.- Italian Roberto Calvi appears hanged in London “God’s banker”president of Banco Ambrosiano, controlled by the mafia.

1986.- Several prisoners accused of terrorism riot in the Frontón prison (Lima)in what is known as Matanza en los Penales in Peru.

2001.- Relieved of his position the regional coordinator of the official V Republic Movement (MVR)Argenis Chavez, brother of Hugo Chavez.

2005.-ETA announces the cessation of its “armed” actions against elected officials of political parties.

2007.- kidnapped and killed by the FARC eleven deputies In colombia.

2009.- pass away Hydrangea Bussiwidow of Chilean President Salvador Allende, aged 94.

2011.- Some 800 Brazilian policemen occupy the favela of hoseone of the most populous in Rio de Janeiro, to evict that neighborhood of drug traffickers.

2016.- An Egyptian court convicts the former president Mohamed Morsiof the Muslim Brotherhood, to life imprisonment.

2017.- The match of Macron (República En Marcha) obtains an absolute majority in the general elections.

– More than 60 dead in a grave forest fire in Portugal.

2018.- Audi chairman Rupert Stadler arrested for the “dieselgate”, illegal emissions from Volkswagen vehicles.

2019.- The German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, suffers in public a body tremor that triggers rumors about his health.

.- Facebook announces its Libra cryptocurrency to use in WhatsApp and Messenger.

2021.- ultraconservative cleric Ebrahim Raisielected president of Iran.


1873.- Eduardo ChicharroSpanish painter.

1901.- Grand Duchess Anastasiafourth daughter of the last Tsar of Russia.

1926.- Jesus de la SernaSpanish journalist.

1942.- Paul McCartney (“The Beatles)”, British singer and songwriter.

1943.- Raffaela CarráItalian presenter and singer.

1952.- Isabella RosselliniItalian actress.

Jose Maria Bermudez de CastroSpanish paleontologist.

1989.- Renee OlsteadAmerican actress and singer.


1963.- Pedro ArmendarizMexican actor, sick with cancer, commits suicide.

2006.- Vincent Sherman, American film director.

2008.- Jean Delannoy, French filmmaker.

2010.- Jose Saramago, Portuguese writer, Nobel Prize for Literature.

2011.- Clarence Clemons, American saxophonist.

2018.- Kazuo Kashioco-founder of Cassio.

– XXXTentacionAmerican singer and rapper.

2021.- Giampiero Boniperti, Italian former soccer player

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Today’s ephemeris, June 18: This happened in the world on a day like today