Today’s ephemeris, March 1, 2022. What happened on March 1? –

Check the ephemeris of today March 1, 2022 and find out who was born, who died and what happened throughout history on a day like today.

On such a day as today 1493, The caravel “La Pinta”, one of the three ships of Christopher Columbus’s expedition, docks in the Spanish port of Bayonne (Pontevedra) with the announcement of the discovery of America. On 1712The National Library, repository of the Spanish bibliographic heritage, then called the Royal Public Library, opens its doors under the reign of Philip V. In 1954USA explodes in Bikini Atalon (Marshall Islands) the hydrogen atomic bomb, the most powerful detonated in history, with a power a thousand times higher than that which exploded in Hiroshima.

What happened on March 1?

1493/ The caravel “La Pinta”, one of the three ships of Christopher Columbus’s expedition, docks in the Spanish port of Bayonne (Pontevedra) with the announcement of the discovery of America.

1712/ The National Library, repository of the Spanish bibliographic heritage, then called the Royal Public Library, opens its doors, under the reign of Philip V.

1867/ A portion of the historic territory of Nebraska is admitted as the 37th state of the United States.

1879/ The first steam tramway between Barcelona and San Andrés comes into operation in Spain.

1893/ The National Institute of Meteorology produces the first Spanish “weather map” and the corresponding daily bulletins.

1896/ The French physicist Henri Becquerel discovers by accident that certain uranium salts spontaneously emit radiation, a new property of matter that will be called radioactivity.

1903/ The first issue of the newspaper La Verdad goes on sale in Murcia (Spain).

1912/ American Captain Albert Berry makes the first parachute jump from an airplane.

1919/ The mobilizations of the March First Movement, favorable to the independence of Korea, are answered by the Japanese Empire with the murder of thousands of people.

1924/ Emile Fradin discovers in Allier (France) the so-called Glozel tablets, clay plates with unknown inscriptions that divided the archaeological community over their dating.

1932/ The 20-month-old son of American aviator Charles Lindbergh is kidnapped and later murdered.

1935/ The territory of the Saarland, administered as a mandate by the League of Nations after the end of the First World War, officially becomes German again.

1947/ The International Monetary Fund (IMF), a supranational entity whose objective is to achieve world economic stability, begins its financial operations.

1954/ The United States explodes the most powerful hydrogen atomic bomb in the Bikini Atalon (Marshall Islands), with a power a thousand times greater than that which exploded in Hiroshima.

1963/ Iron Man, one of Marvel’s best-known superheroes, makes his first appearance in the periodical Tales of Suspense.

1966/ The Soviet space probe Venera 3 hits Venus, becoming the first spacecraft to hit the surface of another planet.

1974/ Seven aides to US President Richard Nixon are accused of hindering the investigation of the “Watergate” scandal, the theft of documents from the Democratic Party headquarters in Washington.

1979/ Adolfo Suárez’s Democratic Center Union (UCD) wins the first legislative elections held in Spain after the promulgation of the Constitution.

1983/ The Statute of the Community of Madrid comes into force.

1992/ The majority of the population of the Yugoslav Republics of Bosnia-Herzegovina and Montenegro vote in a referendum in favor of their independence.

1999/ The Ottawa Treaty on the Prohibition of the Use, Stockpiling, Production and Transfer of Antipersonnel Mines enters into force.

2001/ The fundamentalist regime of the Taliban, in power in Kabul, begins to destroy all the existing statues in Afghanistan, including the thousand-year-old pre-Islamic Buddhas of the province of Bamiyan.

2016/ The leader of the nationalist left Arnaldo Otegi is released from prison, convicted of rebuilding the political arm of ETA (Bateragunea case).

2017/ Spanish architects Rafael Aranda, Carme Pigem and Ramon Vilalta win the Pritzker Prize, considered the Nobel Prize for architecture.

2021/ Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy is sentenced to three years in prison for corruption and influence peddling.

What happened on February 28 in America?

1870/ Paraguayan Marshal Francisco Solano López dies in the battle of Cerro Corá, which marks the end of Paraguay’s war against the Triple Alliance (Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina).

1879/ Bolivia declares a state of war against Chile on the understanding that it had invaded its national territory, in a conflict in which it would lose its entire Pacific coastline.

1919/ The new Constitution elaborated by the Constituent Assembly enters into force in Uruguay.

1991/ The Colombian Popular Liberation Army (EPL) hands over its weapons after 23 years of armed struggle.

2006/ The Free Trade Agreement between El Salvador and the United States enters into force.

2008/ “Raúl Reyes”, one of the top leaders of the FARC, dies in a Colombian military operation in Ecuadorian territory.

2017/ Colombia experiences a historic day with the beginning of the process of laying down arms by the FARC guerrillas.

Who was born on February 28?

1444/ Alejandro Botticelli, Italian painter.

1809/ Frederick Chopin, Polish composer.

1858/ Georg Simmel, German philosopher, sociologist and essayist.

1886/ Oskar Kokoschka, Austrian artist.

1902/ Carlos de Haya González, Spanish aviator.

1910/ Mapy Cortés, Puerto Rican actress and dancer.

1922/ Néstor Luján, Spanish journalist.

>> Isaac Rabin, Israeli politician.

1925/ Martín Chirino, Spanish sculptor.

1927.- Salvador Pániker, Spanish writer.

>> Harry Belafonte, American singer and actor.

1928/ Jacques Rivette, French film director.

1929/ José Angel Sánchez Asiaín, Spanish banker.

1934/ Joan Hackett, American actress.

1936/ Jean-Edern Hallier, French writer.

1943/ José Ángel Iribar, Spanish soccer player.


1949/ Ángel Gabilondo, Spanish politician.

1954/ Ron Howard, American film director.

>> Carles Benavent, Spanish musician.

1955/ Clara Sánchez, Spanish writer.

1958/ Daniel Craig, British actor.

1961/ David Cantero, Spanish presenter.

1963/ Thomas Anders, German singer, from the band Modern Talking.

1966/ Zack Snyder, American director, screenwriter and producer.

1969/ Javier Bardem, Spanish actor.

1972/ Mauricio Pochettino, Argentine soccer player and coach.

1977/ Esther Cañadas, Spanish model.

1980/ Javier Ibarra Ramos, Kase-O, Spanish rapper and composer.

1984/ Naima Mora, American model.

1989/ Carlos Vela, Mexican soccer player.

1994/ Justin Bieber, Canadian singer.

2000/ Ava Allan, American model and actress.

Who died on February 28?

1383/ Amadeus VI of Savoy, French aristocrat.

1620/ Thomas Campion, English poet and composer.

1862/ Peter Barlow, British mathematician.

1906/ José María de Pereda, Spanish novelist.

1911/ Jacobus Henricus van’t Hoff, Dutch chemist, Nobel laureate in chemistry.

1922/ Pichichi (Rafael Moreno Aranzadi), Spanish soccer player.

1938/ Gabriele D’Annunzio, Italian poet.

1952/ Gregory La Cava, American film director.

1958/ Giacomo Balla, Italian painter.

>> Carlos Velo, Mexican filmmaker.

1966/ Fritz Houtermans, German physicist.

1976/ Jean Martinon, French conductor and composer.

1983/ Arthur Koestler, Anglo-Hungarian journalist and writer.

1988/ Joe Besser, American actor and comedian.

1995/ Georges Koehler, German biologist, Nobel Prize in Medicine.

2000/ Begoña Palacios, Mexican actress.

2009/ Pepe Rubianes, Spanish actor and theater director.

2012/ Quique Camorias, Spanish actor.

>> Lucio Dalla, Italian singer-songwriter.

2014/ Ana Maria Moix, Spanish writer.

>> Alain Resnais, French filmmaker.

2015/ Pepito Vargas, Spanish dancer.

2019/ Zhores Alferov, Russian scientist, Nobel Prize in Physics and pioneer in information technology.

2020/ Ernesto Cardenal, Nicaraguan priest, poet and revolutionary, promoter of liberation theology.

>> Toño Rodríguez ‘Rebel’, Spanish musician.

2021/ Quique San Francisco, Spanish actor.

Saints of March 1.

  • Lion.
  • Donato.
  • Albino.
  • Rosendo.

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