Today’s ephemeris November 8, 2022: What happened on November 8?

On November 8, 2019, Luiz Inacio ‘Lula’ da Silva He leaves prison where he remained for a year and seven months after being convicted of corruption. He was released after a judge authorized his release after the Supreme Court approved a legal change by which only those convicted with a final sentence would enter prison. During his imprisonment, he was unable to stand as a candidate in the 2018 presidential elections won by Jair Bolsonaro.

In 2021, a Brazilian Supreme Court judge annulled all sentences handed down against Lula within the Lava Jato anti-corruption operation. When his disqualification was also lifted, he was a presidential candidate in the 2022 elections. Lula da Silva will be elected president of Brazil for the third time after beating Jair Bolsonaro.

A November 8 but 1843in Spain, Elizabeth II is declared of legal age with 13 years by resolution of the Cortes Generales. In this way he would swear two days later the Constitution in the Palace of the Senate beginning the effective reign of him. According to the 1837 Constitution, he was still a year away from coming of age, but he came forward to avoid a third regency after those of his mother, María Cristina de Borbón-Dos Sicilias, and after that of General Espartero.

Isabel II had been sworn in as princess of Asturias and proclaimed queen in 1833 when she was not yet three years old after the death of her father, King Ferdinand VII. At that time the regency period would begin, which would last 10 years.

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What happened on November 8?

1519: The Spanish conquistador and soldier Hernán Cortés arrives in Tenochtitlan (Mexico), it is the first time that a European enters one of the great pre-Columbian cities.

1838: The composer Federico Chopin and the writer “George Sand” arrive in Palma de Mallorca (Spain), where they have an affair.

1895: German physicist Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen discovers X-rays, which earned him the Nobel Prize in 1901.

1933: Democrat Franklin Delano Roosevelt is elected the 32nd President of the United States after defeating Republican Herbert Hoover.

1936: During the Spanish civil war and after the withdrawal of the Government from Madrid, General José Miaja Menant took military and political responsibility for the Spanish capital.

1960: In the United States presidential elections, Democrat John F. Kennedy wins over Republican Richard Nixon.

1965: The death penalty is abolished in the UK.

nineteen ninety five: The Spanish Parliament approves the new Penal Code that replaces that of 1848 and adapts the Law to the society of the 21st century.

2013: The National Court decides the release of nine members of the terrorist organization ETA in compliance with the opinion of the European Court of Human Rights against the practice in Spain of the Parot doctrine.

2016: Republican Donald Trump is elected President of the United States, replacing Democrat Barack Obama.

Who was born on November 8?

1900: Margaret Mitchell, American writer.

1916: Peter Weiss, German writer and playwright.

1925: Asunción Balaguer Golobart, Spanish actress.

1935: Alain Delon, French film actor.

1946: Guus Hiddink, Dutch soccer manager.

1967: José Luis Pérez Caminero, Spanish soccer player.

1975: Ángel Corella, Spanish dancer.

Who died on November 8?

1517: Francisco Jiménez de Cisneros, Cardinal Cisneros, Spanish religious regent of Castile, primate of Spain and third inquisitor general of Castile.

1873: Manuel Breton de los Herreros, Spanish playwright.

1953: Ivan Alekseyevich Bunin, Russian writer who won the Nobel Prize for Literature.

1969: Joseph P. Kennedy, American businessman and politician, father of John F. Kennedy.

1986: Vyacheslav Molotov, Soviet politician.

2009: Vitali Guinzburg, Russian scientist. Nobel Prize 2003.

2021: Josep Álvarez Niebla, “Josep Niebla”, Spanish painter.

What is celebrated on November 8?

Today, November 8, the World Radiology Day and World Urbanism Day.

Horoscope for November 8

Those born on November 8 belong to the zodiac sign scorpio.

Saints of November 8

Today, November 8, is celebrated San Diosdado and San Claro de Tours.

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Today’s ephemeris November 8, 2022: What happened on November 8?