Today’s ephemeris: what happened on February 2 | Events that occurred in Argentina and the world

In the ephemeris of february 2 These events that occurred on a day like today in Argentina and the world stand out:

1905. Ayn Rand is born in Saint Petersburg. Exiled in the United States due to the triumph of the Russian Revolution, the writer became an icon for ultraliberals with her idea of ​​extreme defense of individualism. She captured her ideas in essays like The virtue of selfishness and in his work of fiction. His best known novels are the spring Y Atla’s Rebellionyes In the second, he discussed what could happen in the United States in the face of a major lockout. The neoliberals who follow it grant scientific validity to a work of fiction. Critical of public policy, Rand advocated private education and health. At the time of his death, in 1982, it was cancer with the help of social assistance.

1907. Dmitri Mendeleyev, father of the periodic table, dies at the age of 73 in Saint Petersburg. It was in 1869 when he presented the table that lists the chemical elements by their number of protons, their electron configuration and their chemical properties. He died without receiving the Nobel Prize, which is considered one of the great injustices of the Swedish Academy, of which he even became a member.

1926. Julio Sosa was born in the Uruguayan city of Las Piedras. El varón del tango revitalized Buenos Aires music at the beginning of the 1960s, when the rise of rock was already beginning. He recorded with Armando Pontier’s orchestra and later with Leopoldo Federico’s. He died in a collision with his car on November 26, 1964.

1943. With the surrender of the German forces, the battle of Stalingrad culminates, the bloodiest of the Second World War, which defined the fate of the Third Reich on the Eastern Front and was decisive for the victory over Nazism. Fighting in present-day Volvograd had begun in August 1942. Following the siege of Leningrad, the Germans sought to advance into the Caucasus. Starting in November, the Soviet counteroffensive took place which, added to the fact that the invaders could not take Stalingrad and were undermined by hunger and cold, turned the course of action in favor of the Red Army. Some 850,000 dead among Nazi troops are estimated. Soviet casualties were close to one and a half million people.

1969. Boris Karloff dies in England at the age of 81. Born in London as William Henry Pratt, he was one of the iconic names in horror cinema. Frankenstein, Scarface, The Mummy, The Fu-Manchu mask, the black cat Y bride of frankenstein are among his most remembered films.

1977. Shakira is born in Barranquilla. One of the most successful Latin artists in history, the Colombian rose to fame in the 90’s. She has recorded eleven studio albums, sold millions of copies and filled stadiums with her shows. She was the voice of the official theme song for the 2010 South Africa World Cup. She was in a relationship with Antonio, son of former Argentine president Fernando de la Rúa, before marrying Spanish soccer player Gerard Piqué.

1979. Sid Vicious dies. Born in London as Simon Ritchie, the Sex Pistols bassist died in New York at the age of 21. While in the band he met Nancy Spungen, with whom he had a relationship based on drug use. In October 1978 he stabbed her girlfriend to death. He confessed to the crime and was released on parole. He later pleaded not guilty. At a party to celebrate his freedom, while awaiting trial, he injected heroin and died of an overdose.

2002. Marriage of Máxima Zorreguieta in Amsterdam with Guillermo Alejandro, crown prince to the throne of the Netherlands. Jorge Zorreguieta, father of the bride, cannot attend due to his ties to the dictatorship, given that he was Secretary of Agriculture for Jorge Rafael Videla. Therefore, the Dutch Parliament argues that he should not be invited. The couple have three daughters. Willem-Alexander has been king since 2013.

2004. After winning the Australian Tennis Open, the Swiss Roger Federer reaches number 1 in the world ranking for the first time. It will be 237 weeks until he is replaced by Rafael Nadal in August 2008. The four and a half years is a record that still stands. Federer returned to the top of the ladder on successive occasions to total 310 weeks at the top, more than any other tennis player.

What’s more, In the United States and Canada it is Groundhog Day.. Every February 2, that animal finishes hibernating and enters to play folklore. If it comes out of its burrow and does not see its shadow because it is a cloudy day, then it will leave the place, which means that winter will end soon. On the contrary, if the groundhog sees its shadow because it is sunny and goes into the burrow, it will be winter for six more weeks. The holiday is inseparable from a comedy that inspired: time spell or The Groundhog Daywith Bill Murray.

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Today’s ephemeris: what happened on February 2 | Events that occurred in Argentina and the world