Today’s ephemeris: what happened on January 12 | Events that occurred in Argentina and the world

In the January 12th anniversary These events that occurred on a day like today in Argentina and the world stand out:

1949. Haruki Murakami is born in Kyoto. One of the most popular novelists in the world, and the one with the greatest projection that Japan has given, he is the author of books such as Tokyo Blues (Norwegian Wood), Chronicle of the bird that winds the world, Kafka on the shore, After dark Y 1Q84. He also wrote essays such as What do I talk about when I talk about writing? Y Music, just music, together with the Japanese conductor Seiji Ozawa. And he likes to run athletics races, an experience that he recounted in What I mean when I talk about running. His name is always on the lists of candidates for the Nobel Prize.

1959. In Nerja, Malaga, a group of young people go to look for bats in a cave and make one of the greatest finds of the century when they find cave paintings on the walls, which would have been made by Neanderthals. They also find organic remains that are estimated to be 40,000 years old, making the paintings could be the oldest work of art ever discovered.

1963. The Spanish writer Ramón Gómez de la Serna dies in Buenos Aires. He was 74 years old and had gone into exile after the outbreak of the Civil War. His work is extensive and includes titles such as the novel The knight of the gray mushroom, Isms, Greguerías and his autobiography Automoribundia.

1969. Roberto Noble, the founder of Clarion. He was minister of the Buenos Aires governor Manuel Fresco in the years of the Infamous Decade, before founding the morning one in 1945. He joined Arturo Frondizi in 1958 and the newspaper maintained its attachment to developmentalism until several years after the death of its founder.

1977. At the age of 69, film director Henri-Georges Clouzot died. He was responsible for classics like The salary of fear Y The diabolical. He also directed, among other films, The killer lives in 21, The Raven, Manon and the unfinished Hell.

1998. In the Galician town of Boiro, a man who has spent almost thirty years prostrate with tetraplegia commits suicide. His name is Ramón Sampedro. He records his death in a video, in which he explains his reasons, after the Justice denied the request to die: as to commit suicide he needs help, and there is no legislation in this regard, it is considered that it would be a murder. Sampedro drinks a glass of cyanide and asks that no one be held responsible. Once there was no longer any possibility of prosecuting anyone by injunction, a friend admitted to helping him. The case opened a strong debate on euthanasia and dignified death, and led to the film Out to sea, starring Javier Bardem and directed by Alejandro Amenábar, which won the Oscar for best foreign film.

In addition, it is the Yennayer New Year: the ethnic group of Berbers, in North Africa, celebrates the beginning of the agrarian calendar every 12 January.

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Today’s ephemeris: what happened on January 12 | Events that occurred in Argentina and the world