Today’s ephemeris: What happened on July 26 and what is commemorated on this date?

The ephemeris are events and events That mark a before and after in history. In Chile and the world every day there is an important milestone for society.

East July 26 is no exception. A day like today commemorate different events, whether they are births or deaths of people, technological advances or political events.

This date falls on Tuesday on this occasion and the Grandparent’s Dayorganized for the first time in 1978, and also the International Day for the Defense of the Mangrove Ecosystem. Furthermore, in the case of Chile, Luis Barros Borgoño dies.

  • 1139: Alfonso I of Portugal is acclaimed King of Portugal and proclaims the independence of the Kingdom of León.

  • 1847: In Mexico, in the atrium of the church of Santa Ana, in Valladolid, the Government hangs the Mayan independence leader Manuel Ay. This will trigger the Mayan War of Independenceuntil 1901.

  • 1847: Liberia, an African country, becomes independent from USA (which will only recognize it in 1862).

  • 1914: Serbia and Bulgaria break relations.

  • 1933: The Reich Government enacts a sterilization law in order to improve the German race.

  • 1937: the Battle of Brunete concludes, with the triumph of Franco’s forces, during the civil war in Spain.

  • [1945: in New York the constituent meeting of the United Nations.

  • 1950: in South Koreanear the village of Nogun-Ri, 160 km southeast of Seoul, happens on the first day of the No Gun Ri Massacrewhere US soldiers kill some 300 South Korean refugees, mostly women and children, over three days.

  • 1958: The United States launches the Explorer VI satellite into space.

  • 1960: Vice President Richard Nixon is nominated as the Republican presidential candidate.

  • 1965: Maldives gains independence from the United Kingdom.

  • 1967: Ecuador breaks diplomatic relations with Haiti, due to the serious violations of human rights perpetrated by the dictatorship of François Duvalier.

  • 1971: Apollo 15 takes off. Seventh manned mission to the Moon and fourth to land on the moon.

  • 2016: in Japan happens the sagamihara massacrewhere 19 people stabbed to death.

  • 2021: Skate-boarding made its debut as an Olympic sport at Tokyo 2020.

  • 1739: George Clinton, American politician (died 1812), was born.

  • 1868: María Asunción Sandoval, the first female lawyer in Mexico (d. 1943).

  • 1914: Juan Francisco Fresno, Chilean bishop (d. 2004).

  • 1933: Edmund S. Phelps, American economist, Nobel Prize in Economics in 2006.

  • 1943: Mick jaggerBritish rock musician, bandleader The Rolling Stones.

  • 1949: Roger Taylor, British drummer, of the band What in.

  • 1959: kevin spaceyAmerican actor.

  • 1964: Flavio Cianciarulo, Argentine musician, from the band The Fabulous Cadillacs.

  • 1964: Sandra BullockAmerican actress.

  • 1967: Jason StathamBritish actor and former Olympian

  • 1980: Daniel Quintero Calle, electronic engineer, software entrepreneur and former Colombian deputy minister, mayor of Medellín since 2020.

  • 1982: Kalimba, Mexican actor and singer.

  • 1986: Luis Mansilla, Chilean cyclist.

  • 1533: Atahualpa dies, last Inca emperor (b. 1500).

  • 1922: Ciro Luis Urriola, Panamanian politician, eighth president of Panama (born 1863).

  • 1943: Luis Barros BorgonoChilean politician (b. 1858). He was president of the Liberal Party and minister of the War and Navy, Foreign and Treasury and Interior portfolios, as well as vice president of the Republic.

  • 1973: Hans Albert Einstein, Swiss-American civil engineer and professor (b. 1904), Albert Einstein’s son.

  • 1999: Trygve Haavelmo, Norwegian economist, Nobel Prize in Economics in 1989 (b. 1911).

  • 2015: Bobbi Kristina Brown, American personality and singer (b. 1993), daughter of the singers whitney houston and Bobby Brown.

  • 2021: Joey Jordison, American drummer of slipknot (b. 1975).

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    Today’s ephemeris: What happened on July 26 and what is commemorated on this date?