Today’s ephemeris: what happened on September 23 | Events that occurred in Argentina and the world

In the ephemeris of september 23 These events that occurred on a day like today in Argentina and the world stand out:

1905. Francisco Fiorentino is born

One of the most famous tango singers of the 40s was born in San Telmo, Francis Fiorentino. He was one of the most popular in the golden years of tango. He died in 1955 in Mendoza, in a car accident.

1926. John Coltrane is born

John Coltrane, a central figure in the history of jazz, was born in Hamlet, North Carolina. He worked with Johnny Hodges, saxophonist for Duke Ellington, and later Thelonius Monk. He became a refined tenor sax soloist. He was part of the iconic Miles Davis combo that recorded kind of blue. At the end of the 1950s, with his quartet he produced albums like Giant Steps Y My Favorite Things. In the latter he played the soprano sax for the first time. Then came his album with singer Johnny Hartman and collaborations with Eric Dolphy. At the end of 1964 he recorded his most celebrated album: A Love Supreme. He died in 1967.

1939. Sigmund Freud dies

Sigmund Freud, father of psychoanalysis, dies in London at the age of 83. He had settled in the British capital exiled from Nazism. He suffered from palatal cancer and was euthanized with morphine injections.

1947. Female vote in Argentina

Law 13,010 is promulgated, which enshrines the right of women to vote. In this way, millions of women over the age of 18 are equal to men when it comes to exercising the right to secret suffrage. They will vote for the first time in the 1951 elections.

1949. Bruce Springsteen is born

Born in New Jersey Bruce Springsteen, boss, one of the most successful rock musicians of the last half century. the launch of Born to Run in 1975 he was launched by fame, and Born in the USA, from 1984, was a planetary success. She won an Oscar for the movie song Philadelphia. She participated in the tributes for the twenty years of the attacks of September 11, 2001.

1955. The fall of Juan Domingo Perón is consummated

The Liberating Revolution Triumphs. General Eduardo Lonardi assumes the presidency, after the overthrow of Juan Domingo Perón, who begins his exile of almost 18 years. The uprising had begun on September 16. The coup plotters initially proclaim that “there are neither winners nor losers” before facing the banning of Peronism through the hard wing that will succeed Lonardi.

1973. Pablo Neruda dies

Pablo Neruda dies. The Chilean poet was 69 years old and suffered from prostate cancer. He was the author of books like General sing, Elemental Odes and the autobiographical volume I confess that I have lived. In 1971 she received the Nobel Prize for Literature. A communist militant, he suffered exile in the early 1950s and was Chile’s ambassador to France in the government of Salvador Allende. He died twelve days after the military coup and his burial was the first demonstration against the dictatorship.

1973. Perón, president for the third time

Juan Domingo Perón obtains the presidency of the Nation at the polls for the third time. Accompanied in the ticket by his wife María Estela Martínez, he prevailed with 62 percent of the votes over the radical binomial made up of Ricardo Balbín and Fernando de la Rúa. He was sworn in on the following October 12 and died as president on July 1, 1974.

1983. Military self-amnesty

The military approve the National Pacification Law, which will go down in history as Self-Amnesty Law. The judicial action against the crimes of the dictatorship is proclaimed extinct, after having declared the disappeared dead. The rejection is broad, less than forty days before the presidential elections.

Furthermore, it is the International Day Against Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking in Personsand the International Day of Bisexuality and their Rights; and in Argentina it is the Popular Libraries Day.

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Today’s ephemeris: what happened on September 23 | Events that occurred in Argentina and the world