Two Nobel Prize winners and more than 100 exhibitors: Future Congress 2023 lands to explore the metaverse “with no limit to what is real” – La Tercera

The UC Visual Arts Museum launched the twelfth version of Congreso Futuro 2023, the most important platform for the exchange of ideas and thought in Latin America, a free event co-organized by Fundación Encuentros del Futuro and the Challenges of the Future Commission of the Chilean Senate. It will take place from January 16 to 21, 2023 and will be broadcast through the website and social networks of Future Congress. Under the slogan “No Real Limit”, lThe twelfth version of this event will address, together with the most outstanding exponents of the country and the world, the challenges and opportunities that the virtuality of the metaverse represents.

Among the outstanding novelties of the 2023 version is the return to face-to-face at the Teatro Oriente, located in the commune of Providencia, instance in which more than 1 will be present00 national and international exhibitors from various knowledge spacessuch as the sciences, humanities and the arts. Among them, some stand out Nobel laureates, MIT academics, neuroscientists, AI specialists and also in different aspects of the Metaverse, a concept that will lead this year’s theme.

“Every new technology means a loss of capacity. If we continue to externalize our lives, perhaps the ability to feel and feel emotions will be lost, and we will be more dependent on machines. In the metaverse we are going to live through avatars, so there will be new challenges and we will have to set up new laws and regulations, but there are also opportunities. I would love to be able to teach biology to children, doing a scientific expedition inside a cell or a teacher can take children to ancient Greece and they can walk alongside the ancient inhabitants. The point is how we make opportunities prevail over threats”, reflected the Executive Vice President of the Encuentros del Futuro Foundation, Guido Girardi.

In this sense, the interest of Congreso Futuro is to invite the necessary social discussion to protect the rights of the population of the future in an unknown present, where technology advances faster than the human ability to adapt and regulate it. “This version of the Future Congress is committed to including science and technology in everyday conversations. We need to address the issues that influence the future, but in this dizzying present, before it’s too late. For this reason, the invitation to the public for the 2023 version is to join the discussion on different edges.together with the great intellectuals of the world, in a free event that seeks to continuously innovate and collaborate in decisions that affect the country and that should be transformed into public policies”, said Daniel Fernández, President of FEF.

On stage, palpable reality and the virtual future that we are facing will be mixed. For this version, there will be several innovations that are contemplated. “We are working with a new technology, which through different artificial intelligence software, allows us to build avatars of the exhibitors who will be present, and specific jobs are being generated to automate functions and services offered by Congreso Futuro, such as real-time translation using Artificial Intelligence and without human intervention. There will also be other surprises that we cannot anticipate yet,” he said. Nicolás Fernández, executive director of FEF.

In turn, the public in Santiago will have the opportunity to be part of the Metaverse experience in public places in the city so that societies can learn a little more about a concept that is still far away for many. “We carried out an intervention with a group of universities, where free of charge and thanks to the alliance with Metro de Santiago, Starting January 4, users will be able to experience the metaverse through lens-like devices that will be available in different seasons., and together with more than 100 volunteers we will explain different aspects of the metaverse, we will have surprises for users. We will make a circuit between Pedro de Valdivia, Baquedano, Los Leones and Tobalaba”, added Fernández.

For whom it is If you want to go in person to the January event, there will be 10,000 tickets available for free starting this Friday, December 16 at 12:00 p.m. and the Punto Ticket system. There, those interested must select which day and which talks they wish to attend. In addition, the complete program can be found on the Future Congress website; biographies of the speakers; and the entire communication campaign that is carried out around the event.


The 2023 edition will present a range of exhibitors who will make available the best of their experience to expand the frontiers of citizen knowledge and discuss the changes that the planet and its societies will have.

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Among them, the participation of the founder of modern linguistics, Noam Chomsky who invites us to question the role of science as an answer to all our problems; the Nobel Peace Prize and World Food Prize 2020, Rattan Lal who will speak about the challenges of responsible agriculture with the environment; bioethics specialist in technology and virtual health, Jodi Halpern; the American sociologist and specialist in the digital revolution, Shoshana Zuboff; the visionary of Artificial Intelligence applied in forensic analysis, Rita Singh; computer scientist and philosopher yuk huithe academic and physician, Victor Montori; the doctor in philosophy, Francisco Martorell; the marine biologist and National Geographic documentary filmmaker Sylvia Earle and the transgender activist and first openly trans woman from the Hasidic community, Abby Stein.

1671155952 93 Two Nobel Prize winners and more than 100 exhibitors Future
Abby Stein, the first trans woman from the Orthodox Jewish community.

In this text A.bby Stein highlighted that the opportunity to participate in an outreach event that has a local perspective on global issues, “especially when it comes to gender and religion, it’s important for me to connect with diverse communities. The issues of gender and sexuality, in addition to the fight against fundamentalism, are international: they impact everyone. I see Congreso Futuro as a powerful opportunity to reach people and communities that we might not otherwise reach, build relationships and community, and work together to create a better world, with freedom and justice for all,” he noted.

Future Congress seeks to democratize and decentralize knowledge, so that scientists and experts will also be present in the regions during the week of celebration, through days of talks and panels in parallel to the main event. Together with 50 universities and research centers, it seeks to give rise to 34 international speakers, who with local panelists will talk about issues relevant to the community. The main scientific dissemination event in Latin America will be held, for the first time, in person in the 16 regions of the country.

The regions will have two international guests who will address topics such as, climate change, digital revolution, food security, territorial governance, sustainable cities, new energies, artificial intelligence, paleontology, neuroscience and education, among others.

1671155952 230 Two Nobel Prize winners and more than 100 exhibitors Future

great personalities like Catriona Mckinnon (Magallanes), Anna Forés (Arica y Parinacota), Víctor Montori (Bío Bío), Divya Chander (Valparaíso), Miguel Alcubierre (Tarapacá), Bruno David (Atacama), Nora Volkow (Antofagasta), Raphael Milliere (Coquimbo) , Sir Partha Dasgupta (Maule), Yngve Torgersen (Los Lagos), Flavia Costa (Aysén), María Martinon (O higgins) and Marina Otero (Ñuble) among others and others, they will be part of the program of the Future Regions Congress 2023.

“We will issue a Future Congress at the national level, from Arica to Magallanes, allowing us to decentralize access to science, technology, innovation and knowledge. That is why the work we are doing with the regional universities -public and private- with each of the relevant social actors, National and International Awards is so important” said the Senator Francisco Chahuán, president of the Future Challenges Commission.

1671155952 280 Two Nobel Prize winners and more than 100 exhibitors Future
Futuristas will be held at the Mirador Interactive Museum, this November 18. Photo: Agency One

At the launch it was also announced that another great event is coming up. Because science does not rest, after the Future Congress, during the first months of 2023, Futuristas will take place, an event for the dissemination of knowledge and content laboratory for girls and boys in school stage organized by FEF. This time it will be held in the Maule Region, in an effort by the organization to continue decentralizing knowledge.

This instance will be executed by FEF together with the Autonomous University of Chile, and the Education Seremi of the Maule Region. This bIt will seek to increase the motivation and attitude of boys and girls towards science through interactive, playful and entertaining scientific experiences.

Two Nobel Prize winners and more than 100 exhibitors Future
Central image Future Congress 2023. Credits: FEF

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Two Nobel Prize winners and more than 100 exhibitors: Future Congress 2023 lands to explore the metaverse “with no limit to what is real” – La Tercera