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Academics from the Faculties of Medicine, Law and Life Sciences were the beneficiaries of this version of the “Dialogue and Promotion of Knowledge 2023” Competitive Funds.

The Vice President for Strategic Communication (VCE) drives the Competitive Funds “Dialogue and Promotion of Knowledge 2023” with the purpose of supporting the development of innovative projects, promoted by professors from the various academic units of the Andres Bello University.

15 initiatives applied in the UNAB Vina del Mar Headquarters being three the beneficiaries this 2023: “Consciousness Day from the physical sciences. Nobel Prize in Physics 2020. United Kingdom”project led by the Dr. Camilo Garciadirector of the career of Medicine; “Seminar on People in a Situation of Intellectual Disabilities and Neurodivergents as subjects of Law. Challenges for their true inclusion” of Dr. Jorge AstudilloResearch Coordinator of the law SchoolY “X International Congress of Life Cycle Analysis” of Dr. Edmund Munozdirector of Graduate and Continuing Education of the Faculty of Life Sciences.

The requirement to apply for these competitive funds was that the projects had to contribute to one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations (UN)given that Higher Education institutions play a fundamental role in achieving these goals, using teaching, research, facilities and social leadership as their main tools.

Nobel Prize in Physics

Sir Roger Penrose is a British mathematical physicist and Emeritus Professor of Mathematics at theOxford Universitywho received the Nobel Prize in Physics in the year 2020. The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences made public the Nobel Prize in Physics 2020which fell in part on the British mathematician Roger Penroseand on the other, the German physicist Reinhard Genzel and the American physicist Andrea Ghez, for their discoveries about black holes. Penrose was awarded for his discovery that the theory of general relativity leads inevitably to the formation of black holes in the universe.

Dr. Camilo García, director of the Medicine degree.

The “Consciousness Day from the physical sciences. Nobel Prize in Physics 2020. United Kingdom”project led by the Dr. Camilo Garciadirector of the career of Medicinewill aim to promote and disseminate the visieithern that has a Nobel Prize for FYophysical versus the concept of consciousness. Likewise, we will reflect on the concept of consciousness from the science of fYophysics; the different views of consciousness will be analyzed, neurobioleithergica ymandsay; the trial will be promoted crYoethical about neurosciences and fYophysics and the thought of a Nobel Prize for Fphysical on these matters.

Likewise, the initiative will deal with the Orch-OR theory (orchestrated objective reduction) of consciousness, founded by Stuart Hameroff and Roger Penrose. This theory holds that consciousness is the result of the effects of quantum gravity on microtubules within neurons, rather than the conventional view that consciousness may be a product of connections between neurons.

Challenges for Inclusion

“La Jornada people in a situation of intellectual disability and neurodivergents as subjects of law. Challenges for its effective inclusion” of Dr. Jorge Astudilloacademic of the law Schoolpursues as a general objective to critically analyze the regulatory legal framework of people with intellectual disabilities and neurodivergents (ASD people) and determine if it is apt to adequately reconcile the protection needs with their status as subjects of law.

The activity will reflect from a technical perspective on the concepts of disability, intellectual disability, autism spectrum disorders, inclusion, etc. In addition, a critical study of the main regulations applicable to disability in Chile will be carried out: Law No. 20,422, which establishes regulations on equal opportunities and social inclusion of people with disabilities; Law No. 21,015, on labor inclusion; norms of the Civil Code regarding disability; International Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, etc.

Competitive Funds
Dr. Jorge Astudillo, Research Coordinator of the Faculty of Law.

Comparative experiences in inclusion will also be presented in order to have a comparative framework for the Chilean legal reality and specific cases that affect people with intellectual disabilities or neurodivergents will be studied and the way in which they are addressed by current regulations, determining whether The solutions that are given are compatible with the quality of rights holders of these people (for example: The sentence of interdiction for insanity that makes the person absolutely incapable, leaving him/her totally out of legal life, the conclusion of contracts of people with Down syndrome, Marriage, sale, right to abortion, etc).

There will be a presentation on the challenges of higher education and the inclusion of TEA people; the situation of caregivers, especially from a gender perspective. The foregoing, under the assumption that the inclusion of people with disabilities and neurodiverse people is an integral task that also requires the well-being of those who are dedicated to their care.

The execution of this project contemplates the participation of the researcher Daniela Zavando Cerda who is part of the Research Team “Social Development, Economy and Innovation for People” of the law School of the University of Deusto (Spain). The teacher zavando Cerda will offer a keynote talk referring to the main labor inclusion policies in Spain and the Basque Country.

CILCA 2023

The “X International Congress of Life Cycle Analysis (CILCA 2023)” driven by the Dr. Edmund Munozdirector of Graduate and Continuing Education of the Faculty of Life Sciences aims to encourage the development of solutions to sustainability challenges, supporting global trends with a life cycle approach. Likewise, it intends to be a space for discussion and debate on policies and actions that allow progress towards sustainable development in Latin America.

Competitive Funds
Dr. Edmundo Muñoz, director of Postgraduate and Continuing Education at the Faculty of Life Sciences.

In the instance, scientific and technical advances in terms of emerging sustainability such as life cycle analysis, circular economy, ecodesign, environmental footprints, among other tools and methodologies, will be presented.

Public-private work groups will also be established for the generation of collaboration networks around sustainability with a life cycle approach.

On the first day of the conference, specialized thematic courses will be held, which will be taught by leading scientists and software developers from around the world.

In this version, the presentation as Keynote Speaker of the Dr. Maria Teresa Fernandezcurrently No. 1 in the World according to elsevier in research on Life Cycle Analysis. In addition, an activity will be carried out with companies and public bodies to analyze regulatory challenges and advance in terms of sustainability, circular economy, and minimization of environmental impacts throughout the life cycle of their products and services.

The X International Conference on the Life Cycle It is one of the most important events worldwide on sustainability issues. It has brought together more than 25 countries, allowing the presentation of scientific and technical advances in sustainable development, which usually reaches 200 papers per event.

This Congress has the participation of United Nations via Life Cycle InitiativeIbero-American Life Cycle Network.

At the national level, it is sponsored by the Chilean Network for Life Cycle Analysis, Global Compact, Circular Territory, among others. CILCA It has been a milestone at the Ibero-American level because it leads a link between scientific progress in Life Cycle Analysis and tools for sustainability.

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