UNAM: These are 6 free courses that can be taken online

It does not matter if you are not part of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), since everyone can access the free courseswhich are completely online.

Next we will tell you what are the 6 Free Courses You Can Take Online.


Free courses that can be taken online

  • Computer and Internet Services

This is a basic course to learn the basics of computing/technology and the main uses, resources and services of the Internet. It lasts 7 hours. You can access this course by giving click here.

  • United States Foreign Policy, by Noam Chomsky

It is a master course for the Nobel Prize winner where he reviews US foreign policy and how it influences the rest of the world. This course is a seminar, so its duration is one hour. You can access it by going to this website.

Noam Chomsky is Emeritus Professor of Linguistics at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and one of the most prominent figures in 20th-century linguistics, due to his work in linguistic theory and cognitive science.

  • Literary Dialogues, with Mario Vargas Llosa

In this course by the renowned author, an exhibition on literature and the environment that has surrounded his work is held. This course is a seminar and its duration is one hour, to access the class go to this website.

Mario Vargas Llosa is a writer in the Spanish language, one of the most important contemporary novelists and essayists.

Photo: Getty Images| Mario Vargas Llosa.

  • Computing fundamentals

It is a basic, practical and fun course where the basics of computing will be announced, with the aim of changing the vision of computers and their understanding.

Each class of the course will cover a different topic, these are some:

  • bits without fear
  • need to process
  • Healthy mind Healthy Body
  • let’s all together now
  • Your team does not only live on circuits
  • nice to meet you
  • Let’s understand each other
  • The data vault

This introductory course to the world of the Internet aims to give you an overview of what it is, what it is for and how the Internet is used. It lasts 7 hours and you can start today giving click here.

  • World 2013 Basic Walkthrough

The Basic Word Tutorial is intended to teach you how to get the most out of word processors like Microsoft Word. This course has a certificate awarded at the end, but only for the best students.

The course consists of 5 classes, 11 minutes each. You can start by going to this website.

  • Basics of Image Editing

This course teaches how to use image editors such as Microsoft Paint, Photoshop or Gimp from scratch. Currently, many companies are more inclined towards people who, in addition to knowing how to use the Microsoft Office package, also know how to use the basic functions of image editors.

The course consists of 8 classes and each one lasts 21 minutes. You can access the classes by going to this website.

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UNAM: These are 6 free courses that can be taken online