Valencia will host the International Congress on Social, Cooperative and Public Economy in June

VALENCIA (EP). The city of Valencia will host from June 13 to 15 the 33 International Congress CIRIEC, International Center for Research and Information on Public, Social and Cooperative Economy.

The event was presented this Tuesday in an act in which the deputy mayor of the city, Sergio Campillo; the General Director of Entrepreneurship and Cooperativism of the Generalitat Valenciana, Theresa Garcia; the president of CIRIEC-Spain, Worship Wenches; and the director of CIRIEC International, and Bernard Thiry.

The meeting will have a confirmed attendance of 400 national and international congressmen, as reported by the organization in a statement. He also pointed out that it is estimated that Paul KrugmanNobel Prize in Economics 2008 and in charge of offering the opening speech, brings together nearly 1,200 attendees at the Palau de Les Arts, a space that will host the entire event.

With this appointment, the city of Valencia will become “world capital of the social economy, cooperativism and the public economy”. Throughout the congress, more than fifty speakers (researchers, company directors and public sector managers) will present their formulas to respond to issues such as employment, pensions or the guarantee of supply of essential services such as water, energy and transportation.

Mariana Mazzucato, director of the Institute for Innovation and Public Service, Professor at University College London and advisor, will contribute her experience and knowledge in the closing session. In addition, Nicholas SchmitCommissioner for Employment and Social Rights of the European Union; Juan Antonio Pedreñopresident of the European Confederation of the Social Economy (Social Economy Europe), and Emily Villaescusapresident of the Confederation of Cooperatives of the Valencian Community, will participate as speakers.

Under the slogan ‘New global dynamics in the post-COVID era: challenges for the public, social and cooperative economy’, the meeting will bring together public, social and cooperative companies with the challenge of offering “the most innovative responses to new problems and challenges,” added the organization.

In the conference presentation, Jose Luis Monzondirector of CIRIEC-Spain and curator of this event, along with Nardi Albadirector of the Confederació de Cooperatives de la Comunitat Valenciana, have released the main employment figures, structures and economic repercussion of the cooperative economy in this region.

Thus, it has detailed that cooperativism represents 88% of sales and 83% of employment of social economy companies in the Valencian Community and they have pointed out that its turnover amounts to 8,000 million euros per year and represents 7 .1% of the Valencian GDP.

“The sales of the Valencian cooperatives account for 10.1% of cooperative sales in Spain and 14% of cooperative employment at the national level. These figures place the Community at the head of Spain among the producers of the social economy. This has been one of the keys for Valencia to become the venue for this Congress”, Monzón pointed out.

Alba has stated that Alicante, Castellón and Valencia add up to a total of 2,611 cooperatives in all branches of activity. “They directly employ 59,037 people, 2.8% of total employment in the Community. After a period of stagnation caused by the pandemic, since 2020 it has returned to the path of growth,” he explained.

Likewise, he has claimed the role of women in the cooperative economy and has detailed that “57.3% of the people employed in Valencian cooperatives are women, compared to 45% in the total of the Valencian economy. He has added that in the cooperatives “the weight of women is greater in positions of responsibility, direction or management”.

The congress has the support of the central, regional and municipal governments, as well as Consum, Florida Universitaria, Divina Seguros, Anecoop, Caixa Popular, the VIU, Grupo Social Once, Cajamar and the Port Authority of Valencia.

“Only way out to improve”

The Vice Mayor of Valencia and Councilor for Urban Ecology has valued that the congress serves “to reflect on the future of the
economy” and around “how cooperativism and a social economy are the only way out to improve the development system”, the City Council of the Valencian capital reported in a statement.

“València will become for three days a benchmark for the
transformative economic policies. It will give us the opportunity to publicize our city and the changes we have introduced since 2015, to put people at the center of all policies,” said Sergi Campillo.

Likewise, he highlighted “the importance of the powerful movement
cooperative in the Valencian economy” and has considered it essential for the future of economic development “in the current climate emergency situation.” “The pandemic has changed our way of thinking and relating. The important thing is to learn from these crises to rethink our economic model”, he asserted.

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Valencia will host the International Congress on Social, Cooperative and Public Economy in June