Vulgarity [en las redes sociales] increases the level of imbecility?

Based on the critical thinking of Mario Vargas Llosa, our famous Nobel Prize Winner for Literature, more than four decades ago he blamed those who influence through the media to promote culture and do not. In this sense, the Peruvian writer, essayist, journalist, university professor and politician expressed his disagreement and said: ¨ television has been an extraordinary invention, we already know, but it has also been a formidable waste, because instead of contributing to raising the culture and sensibilities of the whole world have trivialized, frivolized and increased the level of imbecility in a great number of human beings, whom the images of the most successful programs on the small screen, paragons of vulgarity, gossip and yellowishness, exonerate of worries, spiritual and intellectual concerns and even the discomfort of thinking ”.

Therefore, if television has been an important communication medium for more than 20 years, it generates enormous clouds of doubts regarding usability; So, what could we expect from social networks – knowingly, it is the phenomenon with the greatest impact that drags societies around the world like the wind. Even though it is the minority that generates so many suspicions and distortions of language, in some way, they slip away from the restrictive policies imposed by each platform to publish images, videos or content in general. And some, taking advantage – perhaps – of the vulgar and obscene, swim in the open sea. For this reason, it is not enough only with the dangerous policies of the networks, but rules must be proposed that help to deconstruct what for years is vulgarity and little by little is being seen as normal in society. We cannot cover the sun with one hand because the sun’s rays penetrate between the fingers. That is to say, still in our country, we do not have the control regulations in this context, nor the consensus to develop a regulation [aleccionadora], nor the level of consciousness to face such a delicate issue as the role that we all have to contribute to raising the culture from the place of influence.

So, if television is capable of increasing ranges of imbecility due to the scarce useful content that we have to promote good customs, the arts and culture, it is clear that in a short time, we will have a totally unrecognizable society with new dress codes, language and downward thinking. In this sense, the illustrious Marcel Reich-Ranicki (2005) known worldwide as the «pope of German literature», also said: “Television makes the fools, dumber, and the clever, cleverer.” That is, indeed, today young people in the West dedicate about six hours a day to screens; multitasking; Facebook, social networks, videogames … So they are immersed in a generally tacky and vulgar virtual world. A few will take advantage of that to go to the Prado Museum and see each painting in detail, but it will be a tiny minority, make no mistake

In short, if the majority of people persist in leading a light or synthetic life, without reading and without reasoning what they read or hear, it is banal. Or of people who only fill the brain with morbid content extracted by the bows from the guts and gossip from the screens, the radio or descriptively sterile lyrics that only serve to incite violence, sex and drugs, we are on the cliff . And finally, if we do not accompany the state authorities to curb and control vulgar debauchery, as soon as possible, another society will come giving acquiescence to imbecility.

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Vulgarity [en las redes sociales] increases the level of imbecility?