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JUSTLY The general director Juan Antonio RAMÍREZ has not even “checked” the abandonment of the ISSSTE stores, not only in Saltillo, but throughout the country, if he invests all his time in planning his candidacy for the Government of Oaxaca. He is the son of the former leader of the CNC, Heladio RAMÍREZ, who was Governor of that state for the PRI, surely he will do it for MORENA to be consistent with the position he occupies. +

TRIVIA; What are the two elements involved in whirlpools? +

WHO KNOWS on which planet will Patricia ARMENDÁRIZ live, who has released the proposal to propose AMLO for the Nobel Peace Prize. +

WE WILL CONTINUE STRENGTHENING safety in Saltillo: MJS. He urges the police not to lower their guard to keep the city safe and in order. At the head of the roll call to the different areas of the Security and Citizen Protection Commission, the mayor of Saltillo, Manolo Jiménez Salinas, affirmed that on this issue it is not possible to take a step back; on the contrary, it is necessary to work every day to maintain peace in the capital of Coahuila. +

THE CATACOMBS of Rome were gigantic underground cemeteries. These places were the refuge of the Christians while they lived and their graves when they died. +

TODAY WILL BE in the health commissions of the Chamber of Deputies, appearing the Director General of the IMSS Zoé ROBLEDO. +

DIRECTOR of a College decides that his boys had a pet and proposes a rat, to which a student says: Another rat? If the one we had for six years was more than enough. +

INVITE UAdeC to the Symposium on the Importance of Biodiversity of the Cuatro Cienegas Valley. The Center for Research and Conservation of Biodiversity and Ecology of Coahuila (CICBEC), the Research and Postgraduate Directorate and the University Environmental Agenda of the Autonomous University of Coahuila, invite the Symposium on the Importance of the Cuatro Cienegas Valley, which will be It will take place virtually on Friday, November 19, 2021 from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. +

LESS ADS on drug and alcohol addiction from the Federal Government. What is needed is the construction of Regeneration centers controlled by the Ministry of Health, for the rehabilitation of addicts and alcoholics there are millions in the country. +

ACCORDING TO HIM Researcher Wernner Habermehl German redheads have more sex than women with hair of another color. He also says that women who dye their hair red would be indicating that they seek more action in bed. +

YEAR Incoming, six governorships will be in dispute and those of MORENA are already announcing that none will be for the PRI. While there in the Riviera Maya, actor Roberto PALAZUELOS, who has a Hotel in that place, is preparing to be a candidate of the Morenistas for governor. +

DELIVERY COAHUILA dental prostheses to older adults. The State Government benefits 100 older adults in Saltillo thanks to the ‘Changing Lives’ program in various regions of the state. Thanks to the support of Governor Miguel Ángel Riquelme Solís and Marcela Gorgón, Honorary President of DIF Coahuila, a total of 100 dental prostheses were delivered to older adults in Saltillo, within the framework of the “Changing Lives” program. +

TEACHER Krabaple tells his students. – “Whoever told me who said, don’t think that your country can do for you, think that you can do for your country, they can go home. Bart began to shout: “I know, I know” .- The teacher said: Let’s see Nancy, who said? -John F. Kennedy. -The teacher sends her home and Bart angrily said: “If that bitch hadn’t spoken.” -The angry teacher asks: Who said that? And Bart answers: Bill Clinton, can I go? +


THE WIZARD James Randi, an avowed skeptic, offers a million dollars to anyone who can demonstrate paranormal abilities in a laboratory. No one has claimed the award. +

THIS GOOD Finally, Coahuila offers driving licenses at 50%; renew it via the web. The Government of the State of Coahuila, through the General Fiscal Administration (AFG), invites you to take advantage of the discounts of Good End 2021, from November 8 to 22, 2021. Javier Díaz González, State Tax Administrator, commented that In this Good End 2021, the AFG has available various digital tools that facilitate procedures in a faster way, when they are carried out from home. +

WAS WHEN He was the Infonavit Delegate, David PENCHYNA, who authorized a monthly payment of $ 500 thousand pesos as manager of this institution. It is the same one that the Governor of Hidalgo always sought. If it had come, it would have “wiped out” everything. With this class of PRI militants, said party ended. + DO YOU KNOW WHAT comes out of the crossing of a wise man and a prostitute? .- An Argentine, because the sons of the scrub believe that they know everything. +

THEY HAVE It has become a problem for the units that supply the grocery stores of Various “X” in Juárez and Gral. Cepeda, whose trucks stop at peak hours to supply them with beer, soft drinks and other things and park obstructing traffic. +

UNSEARCHABLE DEFINITIONS … DECEIVE: Men cheat more than women, women the better. +

THE IRREVERENT PHRASE: Stealing ideas from a person is plagiarism; stealing from several is research. +

DID YOU KNOW; That, saved by the bell comes from a few centuries ago, when people were buried alive due to diseases that left them in a coma or in a similar state, therefore, a bell was tied to the inside so that the living warned of its existence when waking up . +

ANSWER TO TRIVIA: Water and Air. +

THE INDISCRETE QUESTION: Does the bad ex-mayor Isidro “Chido” López still think that he has a political future? +

AND WE we read tomorrow. May you have: HEALTH AND SOCIAL REVOLUTION. Smile, God help you.

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What comes out of the crossing of a sage and a prostitute? An Argentinian! | Zócalo Newspaper | News from Saltillo, Piedras Negras, Monclova, Acuña