What is “Bad Girl Mischief” about, release date and what we know about the Vix+ series

has come with all its might to win over the Spanish-speaking public in the competitive market of streaming platforms. The next addition to their catalog is which will have as protagonists and Juan Pablo Di Pace.

The series is an adaptation of the homonymous novel by Mario Vargas Llosa, the Peruvian Nobel Prize for Literature. In charge of the direction were Pavel Vázquez and Alejandro Bazzanowho will be remembered for his behind-the-scenes work on .

With a international team, this proposal raises a lot of expectations. In addition, it is important to highlight that the screen is being given to the work of Latin American authorswho usually capture stories from the reality of their countries and with which the public will be able to connect better.

Next, we will tell you what “Bad Girl Mischief” is about, who is part of the cast and when it will be released.


As we mentioned above, The Vix+ series is based on “The Mischief of the Bad Girl” by Mario Vargas Llosa. The story revolves around Ricardo, a young Peruvian who moves to France to further his career as a writer and, over the years, he meets his teenage love, Arlettea mysterious and complex woman.

Ricardo trying to conquer Arlette in “Antics of the Bad Girl” (Photo: Televisa Internacional)

In addition, the four decades that elapsedare accompanied by various political and social changes, as well as the passage through various cities in the world such as Lima, Paris, London, Tokyo and Madrid.

However, the adaptation by María López Castaño has taken a different course, wanting to focus on the female point of view, something that is curious. If you have read the work of the Peruvian writer, you will know that one of the key points is that, initially, the male character idealizes the “bad girl”but little by little she realizes that she is a completely human woman, with insecurities, desires and fears.

Let’s wait to see how the writer, directors and actors translate this story on screens.


What is Bad Girl Mischief about release date and what


“Bad Girl Antics” is starring Macarena Achaga and Juan Pablo Di Pacewho play Arlette and Ricardo Somocurcio respectively.

In addition, the cast includes four peruvian actors who have been part of the adaptation of the work of his compatriot: Vanessa Saba, Javier Dulzaides, Juan Carlos Rey de Castro and Roberto ‘Rowi’ Prieto. It is worth mentioning that they were present at the avant-premiere of the series that took place last Tuesday, November 29 in Mexico City.

Next the complete list:

  • Macarena Achaga as Arlette
  • Juan Pablo Di Pace as Ricardo Somocurcio
  • Fernando Soto
  • Fernando Cayo
  • Martin Kuiper
  • Rowi Prieto
  • Vanessa Saba
  • Victor Civeira
  • Nestor Rodulfo
  • Steph Bumelcrownd
  • Javier Dulzaides
  • Jaime Maqueo
  • paulina gil
  • Renata Chacon


“Antics of the bad girl” will premiere on December 8 through the Vix+ platform.

The Serie consists of 10 episodes that will be released week after week on Thursdays.

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What is “Bad Girl Mischief” about, release date and what we know about the Vix+ series