What to read on the weekend: the bestseller “Undo anxiety”, the Nobel Prize winner Annie Ernaux and Lorena Pronsky for less than 1,200 Argentine pesos

“The event”, “Undo anxiety” and “Rota se camina igual”, three books to read anywhere.

If there is something that characterizes december it is the whirlwind of activities, social gatherings and outings with friends to say goodbye to the year. However, a pause for reflection and reading becomes necessary to stop for a moment and find ourselves through books. Infobae Let’s read made a selection of three works by celebrated and fundamental authors in their fields to add to the digital library.

Through different genres, reading these books is an opportunity to explore different ideas and universes, taking advantage of the prices of the e-book editions.

In this selection, three essential books by the American psychiatrist, neuroscientist and sales rage Judson Brewerthe last Nobel Prize winner, the celebrated French writer Annie Ernaux, and the renowned Argentine psychologist Lorraine Pronsky.

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“Undo Anxiety” by Judson Brewer.

American psychiatrist and neuroscientist Judson Brewer focuses on the main problem of the time: the anxiety. How to root it out with techniques available to anyone? undo anxiety Provides research-based techniques brain and tricks that have been shown to work to combat toxic habits like compulsive shopping, stress eating, procrastinating, or immersing ourselves in social media.

With more than twenty years of research and practical work with thousands of patients—including Olympic athletes and coaches, and leaders in government and business—the Dr Brewer invites us to get to know our brain to discover what triggers our anxiety. The solution? the simple and powerful practice of curiosity and mindfulness to feel better.

Why read it? undo anxiety is a book that speaks in the present tense about one of the biggest concerns. After the success of the anxious mindJudson Brewer provides lab-tested tools and techniques to unclog the anxiety loops generated by addictive behaviors. An ideal book to face the new year living better.

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“The Event” by Annie Ernaux.

The event is one of the most celebrated and remembered books of the recent Nobel Prize french annie ernaux. The book narrates the author’s own experience when she, in 1963 while studying Philology, discovers that she is pregnant. Although the sexual revolution is booming, society penalizes the abortion with imprisonment and fine. Everyone turns their back on her, she is alone. The exit? The fight and face a clandestine abortion against neglect and discrimination.

Ernauxthe pioneer of impersonal autobiographyhas a unique way of narrating the bodies, the sex and relationships, in which he merges what is personal with what is collective. The event It also has its film adaptation —available on HBO Max—, directed by Audrey Diwan and starring Anamaria Vartolomei and Sandrine Bonnaire, among others. Other of his titles such as Pure passion, The place Y The shame They were recently republished by Tusquets.

Why read it? The event It is one of the essential works to read in the heat of feminist movements. With a moving, intimate and deeply reflective prose, the work of annie ernaux is deserving of Nobel Prize for giving voice to those daily dramas that become collective.

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“Broken one walks the same”, by Lorena Pronsky.

Since its publication in 2019, Broken walks the same became best-seller and in one of the classics of recent times. Wounds are inevitable in our lives, they hurt, yes, but they also mark a new path to give a different destination to the pain that marks us. With this idea that runs through the book, the Argentine psychologist Lorraine Pronsky proposes a journey of reunion with ourselves to meet again.

The lossthe abandonmentthe heartbreak These are some of the painful situations that mark us, but in our hands we have the decision of what to do with those wounds. Do we cling to them and remain suspended, on pause? Or do we assume reality and inaugurate a new stage of our life? the author of cure me, Wake up Y you will not love it gives us the push we need to move forward.

Why read it? The book is one of the great classics of personal development that questions with simple, direct language, which makes us all identify with one of the duels on these pages. Lorraine Pronsky invites us to look at our cracks, our folds and our wounds to realize that Broken walks the same and that we are not alone.

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What to read on the weekend: the bestseller “Undo anxiety”, the Nobel Prize winner Annie Ernaux and Lorena Pronsky for less than 1,200 Argentine pesos