What to read this weekend: Leonardo Padura, Joyce Carol Oates and Albert Camus for less than 400 Argentine pesos

The weekend is coming, that ideal time to look for new readings. But how to find unforgettable books? Infobae Let’s read made a selection of three established authors, whose works are the best gateway to contemporary literature. Enjoying essential books can be part of the rest these days and what better plan than to take advantage of the prices of the electronic book editions of these great authors.

In this selection, three celebrated titles by the Cuban writer and journalist Leonard Padura, the great american writer Joyce Carol Oates, and one of the most influential intellectuals of our time, Albert Camus.

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“The man who loved dogs”, by Leonardo Padura.

Considered as the consecration work of the influential Cuban writer Leonard Padura, The man who loved the dogs is a novel and, at the same time, a historical inquiry into one of the most revealing crimes of the 20th century: that of the leader of the Russian Revolution forced into exile, Leon TrotskYo. The murderer? Ramon Merchantwhose life story will also build Padura between its pages.

the writer of Goodbye Hemingway, like dust in the wind Y The transparency of timeamong others, awarded with the Princess of Asturias Award for Letters, and author of his brand-new novel decent people, focuses on the minute details that link the lives of the victim and the perpetrator through the confessions of an enigmatic man who was walking along the beach with his dogs, two Russian greyhounds. Published in 2009, the book has not stopped receiving praise and gaining readership ever since.

Why read it? The man who loved the dogs It is one of the most representative and essential books of the literature of Leonard Padura, with which he achieved international prestige. In this book, Padura shows the idyllic Cuba, the young and wild Mexico City and the powerful Russia of the end of the century through the biography of Trotsky. The gateway to a classic of today’s literature.

"memories of a widow"by Joyce Carol Oates.
“Memoirs of a Widow” by Joyce Carol Oates.

Forty-seven years and twenty-five days. That is the exact time that the great American writer Joyce Carol Oates lived married to her husband, Raymond Smith. The gray morning of that February and the unexpected visit to the emergency room for pneumonia unleash, a week later, one of the most moving events in Oates’s life: the death of her husband.

Published in 2011, the 480 pages of the book show a side of the author of cardiff by the sea, The gravedigger’s daughter Y Persecution. How to find balance after the loss of the person who sustained her for so many years? With lucidity, reflections and black humor, Oates tells the story of an honest and visceral love. The writer’s memories and intimacy come to light to dazzle.

Why read it? memories of a widow is Joyce Carol Oates’ most personal and impactful book. There he manages not only to capture attention and generate identification, but also a balance between his intellectual and emotional sides. A moving chronicle of grief and loss masterfully penned by Oates.

"Abroad"by Albert Camus.
“The Stranger” by Albert Camus.

Published in 1942, Abroad It is the first novel and also the most important and representative of the Algerian-born French novelist, essayist, playwright, philosopher and journalist. Albert Camus. The book narrates the life of Meursault, a young office worker who lives in perpetual apathy. Nothing matters, neither the death of his mother, whom he takes with indifference, nor committing a crime. Without reaction, love also comes. He arrives and ready. Indifference as a way of inhabiting the world.

Like in The myth of Sisyphus the fundamental question that flies over is the quintessential philosophical question: is it worth living? Awarded with the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1957, Camus masterfully recounts what it is like to feel like a foreigner in his own world, the lack of passion and skepticism that so characterizes the man of the 20th century.

Why read it? Abroad It is the most emblematic book of Albert Camus. Considered one of the great classics of contemporary literature, it is one of the most widely read works in the world, in whose pages existentialism, the absurd and the masterful descriptions of Algiers, the sun and the heat also gain strength. A book that burns and burns for its vitality.


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What to read this weekend: Leonardo Padura, Joyce Carol Oates and Albert Camus for less than 400 Argentine pesos