What was Mario Vargas Llosa, the Nobel Prize for Literature, doing in the Reque dump, Chiclayo?

This week, some tweets from Alvaro Vargas Llosason of Mario Vargas Llosa, gave an account of an unusual visit from Nobel Prize for Literature a Lambayeque. Among the destinations she visited were the beaches of pimentel Y Port Etén, tourist sites that are pleasing to the eye that contrast with the pampas of the Reque district, a place to which he also went, drawing the attention of locals and strangers. The reason? For more than half a century, this 307-hectare territory has been used as an informal dump in Chiclayo.

As published by Alvaro Vargas Llosathe Nobel Prize for Literature He came to this remote place located at kilometer 507 of the Panamericana Norte to collect evidence that would serve as inputs for a documentary.

Mario Vargas Llosa in Reque Botadero: Waste dump was closed due to contamination

In this regard, reporters from RPP Noticias went to this place, which in August of this year was closed by the Municipality of Chiclayo, after the exhortation of the OEFA, due to environmental pollution caused by the accumulation of garbage. According to this organization, approximately 70% of the garbage dumped over half a century has been incinerated, harming the health of the rest of the population.

In dialogue with RPP, the mayor of require, Julio Huertas Ciurlizzademanded that the Municipality of Chiclayo, which has jurisdiction over this land, initiate a remediation project for the more than 307 hectares of its pampas that have been degraded over this time, which, according to OEFA, received daily an average of 300 tons of garbage

Although the Ministry of the Environment opened last year transient cells Where does the garbage produced in the country go temporarily? Chiclayothese only have a duration of three years, after which time the landfill, where the final disposal of solid waste is given. However, according to Huertas Huertas Ciurlizza, there is no project in this regard, nor is there a project to remedy the hectares that have been degraded.

However, this dump is also home to work for an average of 300 people. Francisco Sánchez, secretary of the recyclers’ union, stated that many of them have been working in this place for 30 years, for which he demanded that the Municipality of Chiclayo to build a plant for recyclers, so that they are not left without work because of the closure of this dump.

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What was Mario Vargas Llosa, the Nobel Prize for Literature, doing in the Reque dump, Chiclayo?