What was the world like in 1951, the last time Atlas was champion?

The Atlas is one step away from write a new chapter of your story, Well, it will be measured against him Lion with the purpose of embroider the second star on his shield, since since 1951 they have not lifted a Liga MX title, a time where the world was completely different.

70 years have already passed since the Atlas was crowned champion; back then the competition format was extremely different because in 1951 nobody would have thought to play the league, since the tournaments were ‘long’, although with fewer teams.

Several generations have already passed through the world since the last title of the Atlas, he even questions how many people could see that moment, Well, with the difference in times, perhaps only our grandparents can tell us something about that day.

Only 12 teams competed in Liga MX

On 1951 there were not as many teams as today, because although the tournaments were long, playing back and forth, in theory they were ‘just as fast’ given that only 12 clubs were fighting for the title, where the general leader was the one who took it away.

The clubs that are already extinct

Beyond Jaguars From chiapas, Veracruz and many others who have ‘disappeared’ recently, in that 1951 tournament there were historical teams such as the Club Oro, and Mars, who nowadays are no longer in Mexican soccer.

NY creates one of its most important headquarters

In this year the North American city saw the birth of the United Nations headquarters, one of the most memorable moments of the town and the country in general.

The president of Mexico

Miguel Aleman Valdes It was him leader of the country in 1951, where were going to take place some historical events, as it would be to invest a large sum of money to create the National Auditorium, besides that he would have inaugurated during this time Women’s prison, in Iztapalapa and the sports March 18, in Lindavista.

The Channel of the Stars was born

Televisa would take one of the greatest steps in its history the year that Atlas was champion, as the broadcasts of the Stars channel, formerly known as XEW TV Channel 2.

The first program that was just broadcast was a sporting event, as thousands of people were able to see a baseball match at Delta Park, then called Sports Social Security.

1951 Nobel Laureates

At that time this distinction was given to characters who contributed a lot in different branches. In physics it was recognized John Cockcroft, Ernest Walton; in chemistry the award was given to Edwin McMillan, Glenn T. Seaborg; in literature a prize was awarded to Pär Lagerkvist; and the Nobel Peace Prize went to Léon Jouhaux.

The minimum wage in Mexico

Many older adults say that before with 1 peso you could buy an infinity of things, something that today is no longer so simple, but in that year of 1951 the minimum salary It was much ‘bigger’, because according to the records Mexicans earned $ 6.70 pesos in the Federal District, which is also a name that is hardly used today.

The great movie premieres

At that time the world received films like ‘Full steam ahead’ by Ismael Rodríguez, ‘In the palm of your hand’ by Roberto Gavaldón, and ‘The guests of the Marchioness’ by Jaime Salvador.

Mexico saw a strong pandemic end

Another interesting fact is that in 1951, Similary to what we live in this 2021, Mexico was facing a pandemic, although he already managed to emerge victorious, since the smallpox He was seeing his last days and the lives of thousands of people were returning to normal; today we face Covid-19.

Major League Baseball’s First Color Broadcast

In what is now known as MLB, the game took place between Brooklyn Dodgers and Boston Braves, same that it was the first duel of baseball that was transmitted in color, an extremely great innovation for its time.

The birth of a Mexican swimmer

On February 3 the world welcomed Felipe “The lukewarm” Muñoz, Olympic swimmer and politician from Mexico City, gold medal winner at the Olympics in Mexico 1968.

Formula 1 had a new great champion

On 1951 a Argentinian would have one of the greatest honors, because Juan Manuel Fangio was consecrated Formula 1 world champion for the first time.

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What was the world like in 1951, the last time Atlas was champion?