Where is the continuity?

The debates in the current presidential campaign revolve around various candidates pointing to one of the campaigns as the symbol of continuity.

It is a way of discrediting the campaign of the designated candidate, without further analysis, and as occurs in politics, the affected party’s competitors trust that by daily expressing a thesis that does not have solid foundations, the electorate will accept such a misleading thesis.

If we zoom in on some of the campaigns, we will see that the reality is very different.

The Historical Pact campaign has: 1. Alfonso Prada, former secretary of the Presidency and former director of the Sena in the Santos government, as head of the debate. With processes for alleged corruption, loss of property, rigged hiring and possible influence peddling; 2. Roy Barreras as head of parliamentary debate, who as president of the Partido de la U and as president of the Senate supported Santos in his re-election and in all his programs. According to information from the Supreme Court of Justice, Barreras is under investigation for participating in “alleged acts of corruption” at the Higher School of Public Administration; 3. As political campaign manager, Armando Benedetti, who as senator of the Partido de la U and president of the Senate supported Santos in his re-election and in all his programs. According to the Prosecutor’s Office, alleged irregularities have been identified in the senator’s assets for periods between 2014 and 2017; and 4. Piedad Córdoba, senator for the Historical Pact, recently separated from the campaign due to the multiple investigations she has. She proposed that Santos’ second presidential term be extended from four to six years, in order to give him time to finish his programs.

So Petro has in his campaign bishops, for many more like henchmen, who played a definitive role in the Santos government. Petro himself, in an order rejected by his Progressive Movement bench, asked to support the re-election of Santos.

The Coalition of Hope candidate, who has vehemently attacked Fico’s campaign for continuing, has several former Santos ministers on his team.

Former President Santos is seeking the continuity of his government in different campaigns. His legacies were the Nobel Prize, whose benefit is more personal than national, the culture of contempt for democratic principles, ignoring the results of the plebiscite, the destruction of the morale of the armed forces and lies as a political tool. At the end of his government, the Perception of Corruption dropped to 36. In Duque’s government it has risen to 39.

In Fico’s team there are neither former ministers nor former senators from previous governments. He is a practical person, with a high social and justice sense, he does not get involved in sophisticated theories, he does not lie and he far surpasses his competitors in administrative skills.

In an eventual Petro government, we would be governed by the same people who accompanied Santos. And just like him, Petro would set his priorities on his personal interests, he would violate democratic principles, he would end the armed forces, with his skills as a lying snake-biter he would far exceed Santos and because of the record of those who make up his team, in corruption we would fall into an abyss.

Where is the continuity?

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Where is the continuity?