Who is Alfonso Prada, Gustavo Petro’s head of debate?

Alfonso Prada Gil was presented this Wednesday, April 6, as the head of debate for the presidential candidate for the Historical Pact, Gustavo Petro. His arrival not only means that politicians who have held important positions in the Presidency are behind his strategy to reach the House of Nariño in 2022, but also that represents the support of a part of sainthood (political sector of the former president and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, Juan Manuel Santos).

Prada is a lawyer by profession and has served on several occasions as a university professor at institutions such as the Universidad Libre de Colombia. Petro’s new debate chief began his political career as private secretary of Luis Carlos Galán during his presidential campaign for the New Liberalism movement. Later, in 1998, he served as Bogota councilor (position held for three consecutive terms).

In 2010 it was Representative to the Chamber for Bogotá with the endorsement of the Green Party during the period between 2010 and 2014. After leaving his position in Congress, he coordinated the campaign of Juan Manuel Santos for his re-election. That same year (2014) he was appointed as director of the National Apprenticeship Service (SENA)a position he held until March 27, 2017. A day later, he was appointed as secretary general of the Presidency of Santos.

Prada will defend the peace agreement

As Gustavo Petro’s new head of debate, Prada will have the job of strengthen the proposals, coordinate the preparation of the candidate and articulate the arguments of the campaign in the presidential debate. However, the former director of SENA will work in coordination with the members of the Historical Pact to defend the peace agreement signed by former President Santos with former members of the FARC.

The change for life is a change for peace. The Pact is with Colombia, that is why multiple voices have a place here. Today, our head of debate, Alfonso Prada, joins this project to transform Colombia”, Petro said. For his part, the head of debate asserted that he made this decision after speaking with Santos and with several friends close to his political ideologies. “The time has come to build bridges of union between democrats and defenders of peacePrada said.

He also stated that the implementation of the peace agreement, the fight against poverty, the defense of the environment, infrastructure, connectivity and productivity will be safe with Petro. Despite the fact that former President Santos has remained silent, it has become known that he has met on at least two occasions with the candidate of the Historical Pact to join forces and defeat those who do not support the peace project.

Controversy over the arrival of Prada to the Historical Pact

The arrival of Padra to the Historical Pact has generated a controversy at the national level due to the fact that on past occasions the former director of SENA had been heavily criticized by members of the community who receives it today. “Alfonso Prada will be the head of Petro’s debate. The Santos quota, they say. As in the case of Roy Barreras and Benedetti, what used to disgust them is now welcome. Anything goes to win! ‘Change’ for the worse!”, commented the uribista Rafael Nieto Loaiza.

For her part, Senator from the Democratic Center María Fernanda Cabal maintained that Gustavo Petro represents the same as Juan Manuel Santos. “The close friend and defender of the usurper Juan Manuel Santos, Alfonso Prada, will be Gustavo Petro’s chief debater. Like that or more clear? Petro = Saints. Beware of fraud”, said the congresswomanwho is apparently supporting the campaign of Federico Gutiérrez.

Despite the harsh criticism, Senator Roy Barreras welcomed his new coalition partner and classified him as “a peace builder”. “Welcome my colleague and friend Alfonso Padra to the debate leadership. We’re going through the Liberal center. Welcome to the broad Central Political Committee and in it, Miguel Samper. Behind them there is a legacy of peace and social liberalism that opens the Pact towards a Multicolored Broad FrontBarreras said.

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Who is Alfonso Prada, Gustavo Petro’s head of debate?