Who would Joan Manuel Serrat give the Nobel Prize to? To none of the writers you’re thinking of

Joan Manuel Serrat, at a press conference in Buenos Aires. (REUTERS/Tomas Cuesta)

It was in Buenos Aires, at a press conference. They asked him about the Nobel Prize for Literature. Who would he give it to? Who would have to win it? Joan Manuel Serrat gave a surprise.

It was a talk with journalists as part of the tour that the Spanish singer-songwriter, already a musical legend, is doing to say goodbye to the stage. Buenos Aires is a literary city, full of readers and books. The question made sense.

Then a journalist told “Nano” that when bob dylan won the Nobel Prize for Literature, some fans played with the idea that the next winners could be other singer-songwriters, other musicians or, why not, the same Serrat. And there he just asked him what are the three songs of his that he would like to be played at the ceremony.

It was not an easy question. How to choose between those beauties that she created Serrat? “It’s like if you asked me to pick three songs of mine, and I would but it would take time,” she noted. They helped him by shouting the names of songs from the seats. And finally, he decided: Well, the three songs of his that could be played if he won the Nobel Prize would be those little things, from time to time life Y matinee song. Not bad.

And what would happen to that anthem that is Mediterranean, his greatest success, considered one of the most important songs in the history of music in Spanish? Well, the artist considered that she “could go”, although he ironized, in reference to the popularity that this theme has achieved, that “she is like a beautiful woman who everyone likes”.

So, to whom would Joan Manuel Serrat give the Nobel Prize for Literature? “I would like that they give it to three of my companions”, said.

Which? “One is certainly Boy, because he is probably the colleague who has made the most moving songs.” Chico Buarque, the Brazilian with eyes of water who wrote songs like Construction and La banda. But he also books like budapest, Spilt milk Y the german brother.

Ok, Serrat would give the Nobel Prize to Boy Buarque. Why? “Because he has made the most moving songs.”

Buarque boy. Serrat's candidate for the Nobel Prize for Literature.
Buarque boy. Serrat’s candidate for the Nobel Prize for Literature.

Who else? To another musician: the Cuban Silvio Rodriguez“because he has done the smartest and because he is a great example”.

And, finally, to his compatriot Joaquin Sabina, because it is what he “would like”. There was laughter in the room.

How did your songs fare over time? In another excerpt from the extensive meeting with the press, Serrat he considered that some of his songs “have aged well and others have been born well”. But, but “there are some that did not stand the test of time.” On the other hand, “others are still absolutely valid.”

Are all their songs good? He wants them? Do you still agree with them?

At the age of 78, on his farewell tour, Joan Manuel Serrat has clear ideas: “Without a doubt I’ve made bad songs songs that I could have done without doing, but I don’t feel like I’ve done songs that I have to embarrass me”, he stressed.

Serrat arrives in Argentina with his world tour “The vice of singing 1965-2022″, which will take him first to Rosario, next Saturday; to Córdoba on Tuesday and to Buenos Aires itself in five recitals that will culminate on November 29 and for which the 50,000 tickets available were sold out five months ago.

(Source: EFE)

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Who would Joan Manuel Serrat give the Nobel Prize to? To none of the writers you’re thinking of