Why do we lower the volume of the car radio when we want to park?

We arrive at the destination and it’s time to park. Us we concentrate in search of a place and given the possibility, we lower the volume of the radio. What does one thing has to do with the other? Quite. Science says that it requires a certain level of concentration and by lowering the music we feel that this will help us more.

“For our brain there are situations or things that ‘steal our attention’ and others to which we must voluntarily focus our thinking,” explains Carina Castro Fumero, a neuropsychologist.

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What steals our attention? For example, a situation that is unexpected and dangerous. “It means that we automatically we focus in this”, says the expert. Music, for example, also “steals our attention”, catches us because the neural circuit of music is intertwined with language and this explains why melody and musical sounds have hooked us since we were kids.

What Requires Our Voluntary Attention

Driving a car requires our volunteer care. Even though driving (shifting gears, pressing the accelerator, etc.) is done automatically, paying attention to other cars and road signs requires our concentration.

in his book Thinking fast and slow, Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman points out that parking requires a type of slow thinking, which needs a lot of rationality, so it spends more energy. For this reason, other types of activities are automatically stopped, including listening to the radio.

“Parking a car requires a absolute voluntary caresince we must look to the sides so as not to collide with anything, in addition to carrying out the necessary maneuvers to move the car forward or backward as many times as necessary until we manage to park it”, summarizes Castro Fumero.

“Because music steals our attention so quickly and automatically, we can’t ignore it when we’re parking. This leads us to lower the volume in order to direct our attention and use all our resources to achieve the goal as best as possible”, describes the speaker.

The same thing happens when trying to read and listen to music, cook and work or watch TV and pay attention to the cell phone. Generally, at the time of any inconvenience, what we do is to lower the volume of what we have playing for fully concentrate in what happens.

Multifunctions and generational differences

The youngest are much more prepared to be able to carry out several things at once, even if one of them requires more attention. This is because they grew up in an environment surrounded by the multifunctions that the internet and social networks provide them, and this shows in that they are the ones who are best prepared to comment on what they are seeing on television, at a concert or an event and not lose the thread, while older people it is very difficult for them to do so.

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Why do we lower the volume of the car radio when we want to park?