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And of course, in the classic policy of persecuting anyone who denounces the crimes of Zionism, the media closely linked to the civic-military caste that governs the Israeli entity, have criticized that the Swedish Academy has recognized with the Nobel Prize for Literature to the French writer Annie Ernaux. Indeed, last Thursday, October 6, the name of the new Nobel Prize for Literature was barely known, the newspaper The Jerusalem Post (1) that usually delivers the vision of the Israeli administrations titled an article where they indicate their rejection of the granting of this important prize: “The BDS repeatedly supported by the new Nobel Prize winner Annie Ernaux”. This minimizes its literary importance and is intended to demonize the French intellectual and place her on the side of anti-Semites and anti-Jews, which is the mechanism used by the holders of Zionist ideology to generate a smear campaign against anyone who criticizes the racist, apartheid and essentially criminal policy that Israel practices against the Palestinian people.

She is ready to start a political-media operation aimed at influencing the Swedish Academy to withdraw the award obtained by the French writer and if this is not the case, at least minimize her work for the sake of alleged anti-Semitism. The evidence for this new Zionist whining has been the political position of the French writer of clear opposition to the Israeli occupation and colonization of Palestine. She condemns her crimes and the need to promote the so-called Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign – BDS – that hurts the Zionist regime so much for the economic losses that they mean for the Israeli entity. Annie Ernaux has been an active critic of any type of artistic-cultural cooperation between France and Israel, since such behavior means whitewashing the image of a regime that commits crimes against the Palestinian people.

For Zionist politicians, their public relations agencies and their Joe Biden-type allies, British Prime Minister Liz Truss, self-described as “a great Zionist and a great defender of Israel,” the task will be to present anyone with a certain imprint, who dares to put in the dock one of the most criminal regimes of the last 50 years, such as Israel, as a danger to the “creation of a world that is tolerant, respectful and far from hate speech” even though it is effectively the Zionism and its servile allies are those who promote intolerance and actions aimed at putting gags on the mouths, writings and actions of those who denounce Israel as a segregationist entity, which practices an apartheid policy similar to and even worse than that of the South African racist regime.

For the defenders of Zionism, their goal is to highlight and reward only those works and trajectories of unconditional supporters of Israel and its ideology. Perhaps The Jerusalem Post would like the authors of the many best-selling books, which give us the variety of trades and occupations developed by prisoners in the concentration camps of nationalism, such as: “The Tailor of Auschwitz”, “The Tattoo Artist of Auschwitz.” “The dancer from Auschwitz”, “The librarian from Auschwitz”, “The pharmacist from Auschwitz”, “The boy who followed his father to Auschwitz”, “The boy in striped pajamas” and so a sum continues in the catalog of the sample of the suffering of those Europeans of Jewish belief. An innumerable literary and filmographic bibliography (two) that through a studied investment intends to keep the theme of the crimes of the Third Reich current.

Of course, the above would only be related to Europeans of Jewish belief, since the death of 26 million Soviets, 300 thousand men, women and children with mental disabilities (3) tens of thousands of members of the European Roma people. Homosexuals, prisoners of war and politicians who were also confined in Nazi concentration camps are not part of any memory of extermination. It is the exclusive and excluding memory that Zionism has worked so well, that for decades they have led us down the path of being moved, only by the suffering of those Europeans of Jewish belief, assassinated by the regime of the Third Reich and that so well describes it as the intellectual Norman Finkelstein – whose father and mother were confined in the Auschwitz and Majdanek concentration camps – describes it as “the Holocaust Industry” (4).

Congratulations a woman, a writer and also with passion and open political position is worthy of a Nobel Prize for Literature. She is number 18 in 119 years of mostly male awards. Zionism does not forgive the writer Annie Ernaux for the fact that she has not been silent in a country like France where the Zionist lobby has risen to high levels of power. He does not forgive him that in May 2019 he signed a letter together with more than a hundred French artists calling for a Boycott of the Eurovision festival to be held in Tel Aviv – in the territory of the occupied historical Palestinian – as well as that television French public did not broadcast this event intended to whiten the image of a regime, which, a few kilometers from the stage, murdered Palestinian men, women and children in those days. There behind the Segregation Wall that surrounds the West Bank and the blockaded Gaza Strip.

Zionism does not forgive Annie Ernaux for the fact that in 2018 she signed a letter together with 80 artists expressing her firm opposition to having any Franco-Israeli intercultural link “such a fact whitens the image of a criminal entity… it is a moral obligation, for any conscientious person reject the normalization of relations with Israel” signed this letter. Nor that in the exercise of his freedom, caught in a country that was capable of confronting National Socialism through its resistance groups, that he support the release of George Abdallah, a Maronite Catholic, sentenced and imprisoned in France, for having concretized as member of the Lebanese Revolutionary Armed Factions – of which he was a co-founder – the death of the US military attache and CIA agent in Beirut, Lieutenant Colonel Charles R. Ray and the Mossad agent under the guise of diplomat Yaakov bar-Simantov. This, at a time when Lebanon was under occupation by the United States and the Israeli entity. For Annie Ernaux, Abdallah’s freedom was a demand because he was “a man committed to the Palestinian people and against colonization.”

In May 2021, a few days after the end of the Extermination operation carried out by Israel against the Gaza Strip, Annie Ernaux once again put Zionism where it should be: the criminals’ platform, by signing a letter entitled ” A Letter Against Apartheid” that gave an account of the attacks and crimes committed against the Palestinian population in Israel and the crimes committed against the Palestinian people both in the West Bank and in the Gaza Strip “Framing this as a war between two equal sides is false and misleading. Israel is the colonizing power. Palestine is colonized. This is not a conflict: this is apartheid”, said the letter signed, among others, by Ernaux.

Last Thursday, October 6, the Swedish Academy recognized French writer Annie Ernaux with the Nobel Prize for Literature, “for the courage and clinical acuity with which she discovers the roots, alignments and collective limitations of personal memory.” She would add that she also deserves credit for bringing back from memory what is still present: the tragedy endured by the Palestinian people at the hands of the Israeli infanticide regime. That already puts Ernaux at the top of the human being, the one that she is moved and does not keep silent interestedly. She, well, perhaps she could receive the applause of the American, French, British and German mass media if she were not what she is: a committed, lucid and courageous woman.

Annie Ernaux is a strong supporter of carrying forward, until the end of Zionism, the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions – BDS – campaign in such a way as to increase global pressure to end 74 years of occupation and colonization of Palestine. Process that has meant death for tens of thousands of men, women and children. The theft of Palestinian wealth, the Zionization of her cities, the pretense of making her history invisible, surrounding her with walls, preventing the return of her sons and daughters. Fill her land with foreign settlers.

At the press conference after hearing about the award, Annie Ernaux said “this award represents something huge considering my origins. It is a responsibility. Today I think of dark people, of my family. I have written for those who have fought hard. Writing is the most important political act and I have made literature a commitment to the rights of the most disadvantaged and of women. My work is political, although I do not participate in social or political movements and the responsibility I am referring to is to continue the fight against all injustices, whatever they may be» What good news Annie Ernaux, because that means that you will continue to put the finger in the sore of the wound that it means for the Palestinian people in particular and the world in general to have to put up with a criminal ideology like the Zionist one.


(1) https://www.jpost.com/bds-threat/article-719059.

(2) Above all, in the last decade there has been an explosion of series, documentaries and remakes of creations linked to what Israel calls the Holocaust. In chains such as Netflix, Amazon prime and the American film industry titles follow one another. Fauda. The last train to Auschwitz. Escape from Sobibor. The pianist. Schindler’s List. The Son of Saul. The black book. The gray zone, Resistance. Anne Frank’s diary and so on and on. Ask yourself what movies have been made in Hollywood about Al Nakba, about the crimes of Zionism against the Palestinian people and of course.

(3) https://www.dw.com/en/who-were-the-disabled-people-who-killed-the-nazis/a-38669593

(4) https://www.akal.com/libro/la-industria-del-holocaust_34967/Norman G. Finkelstein exposes the thesis that the memory of the Holocaust did not begin to acquire the importance it enjoys today until after of the Arab-Israeli war of 1967. This war demonstrated Israel’s military strength and made the United States consider it an important ally in the Middle East. This new strategic location for Israel served the leaders of the American Jewish community to exploit the Holocaust in order to promote their new privileged position, and to immunize Israel’s policy against criticism. Thus, Finkelstein argues that one of the greatest dangers to the memory of the victims of Nazism comes precisely from those who set themselves up as their guardians.


“Les armoires vides” in 1974. Published in English as “Cleaned Out”. “Ce qu’ils disent ou rien” – “What they say goes” – “La femme gelée” – “The frozen woman” – “La place” – “The place of a man” -. “La honte” – “Shame” – published in 1997. L’événement” – “Happening” – from the year 2000. His most critically acclaimed book is “Les années” – “The years”) – published in 2008 and Described by critics as “the first collective autobiography”, it depicts Ernaux herself and French society in general from the end of World War II to the 21st century. Ernaux’s 2016 “Mémoire de fille” – “Story of a Girl” – follows a young woman’s coming of age in the 1950s, while “Passion Simple” – “Simple Passion” – and “Se perdre «- (“Getting Lost” – which tells of Annie Ernaux’s affair with a Russian diplomat.

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woman, Nobel laureate and anti-Zionist – Rebelion