“You don’t need malevo bravado to lower inflation, it’s enough not to be a brute”

The national deputy for Avanza Libertad, José Luis Espert, harshly criticized this morning the agreement with the International Monetary Fund approved yesterday by a large majority in the Senate and, in dialogue with THE COMPASS 24pointed against the ruling party and part of the opposition that feed the crack.

“It’s all very strange, very schizophrenic what happens in the country. The president who needed the opposition to approve the agreement with the Fund and now inflates his chest. It does not take any war to win the battle against inflation, it is enough not to be a brute because everything is invented, he even has a Nobel Prize in Economics, Milton Fridman in 1976”, Espert highlighted, in his talk with the journalist Germán Sasso, while adding: “No malevo bravado is necessary.”

In addition, he considered that “what kills inflation is money, stop issuing and generate confidence so that there is a desire to invest in the country. No malevo bravado is needed. I’m not a fortune teller, but what’s coming are agricultural withholdings, price controls with useless people flooding shops. Yesterday I was on the Majul program and there was a case of a Chinese who sold packets of flour that he sold at a price higher than that set by the Government and they fined him”.

“We present a project so that the fight against inflation is given as it should. This is a phenomenon that is very easily explained, if you have potatoes left over compared to demand, the price will fall because there is more supply. The same thing happens with money, purchasing power will fall inexorably. The offer is determined by the deficit and the demand of the confidence that is generated as a country. The vaccine to eradicate inflation is already created”, he asserted, in another segment of the radio interview.

The economist established a position on the fracture within the Government: “The war has been declared there. Cristina did not go down to the floor for the closing of yesterday’s session and even some of her own senators turned to her. She is going to try to ignore her government, like the good coward that she is, but if Alberto is there it is her fault. Every time she wants to leave, you have to bring her so that she takes responsibility”.

“What happens in Argentina is Macondo, the idyllic place of García Marquez. It is incredible that the draft agreement with the IMF was outside the Executive and was saved by the opposition, without the Vice President present in the room. I don’t know how the opposition is not ashamed to save the government, if it was the other way around, they ate Cambiemos raw, ”said Espert, with emphasis and raising the tone of his voice.

However, he stressed: “Being a prisoner of the crack is very sad, because the feeling of guilt weighs more and you do not want to be stuck with a possible default. What was voted on yesterday is a terrible program for the people, there were many other things to avoid a default, for example, advance the loans that the Government claims to have obtained abroad, pay this maturity and continue negotiating.

“Loans with the Fund and a program are Siamese twins, that is why Cambiemos knows that it voted for a project that triggered the debt with the IMF. The program should have been articulated with the Fund, rejected it and come up with a program again, paying with reserves or before negotiating with the IMF. The drama ends up being the crack, you have to get out of there because it is not the solution. It is resolved with forces like ours where it is not thought that if Macri put us in debt, a horrible program must be approved, ”he added.

“It is false that there is no adjustment, they are going to burst the working people with taxes, quadrupling the fiscal valuations, they will take the credits from the banks because the State will take them to achieve a zero deficit and there will be a big tariff increase, despite Alberto looks like Gardiner when the Minister of Energy told him that there will be no gas in winter. We do not have the magic wand, but we propose common sense, copying countries that have a smaller State, negotiate with the world and are more reasonable, everything is upside down here”, he closed.

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“You don’t need malevo bravado to lower inflation, it’s enough not to be a brute”