Young actress of the Cine de Oro was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize

Long is the list of child actors that captivated the Mexican Golden Cinema, however few of them were able to continue their acting careers to this day or perform in other areas. However, there was a child actress who not only continued her career on the big and small screen, she also managed to be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Alicia rodriguez was born on May 2, 1935, in Malaga, Spain, and was the daughter of the professor Marcial Rodriguez Y Gloria Fernandez, who had to emigrate with their other daughters Gloria, Marcial and Azucena -the latter also an actress- to Mexico due to the outbreak of the Civil War of that European country.

Alicia Rodríguez, a child star

Like many Spanish figures who ended up triumphing in the Cine de Oro, the little girl tried her luck in the national show, because with only five years of age, she won a children’s contest, in which eighty children participated, who was looking for the protagonist of the work of theater ‘Pinocchio and Pipa in Wonderland ‘, in said staging she played the dog Pipe, main character.

Alicia Rodríguez won a children’s contest Photo: AMAACC

In 1942, he made his big screen debut by being part of the film ‘The Adventures of Cucuruchito and Pinocchio‘, later he worked on the tapes’ When you listen to this waltz ‘and’ El jagüey de las ruins ‘, but it was his character in’The spinster’s secret‘of 1944, which consolidated it as a star, as it obtained the ariel award for ‘best child performance‘.

‘Marriageable daughters’, ‘Forbidden fruit’, ‘I am a rooster anywhere!’, ‘A street between you and me’, ‘Bird of passage’, ‘Vultures on the roof’ and ‘Beyond love’, like this like ‘Symphony of a life’, ‘A shadow in my destiny’, ‘Mama Ines’ and ‘Between brothers’, are some of the films in which she participated as a child.

The first actress Alicia Rodríguez is nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize

In addition to film, he made a successful career in television, radio and theater. His first appearance on the small screen was in 1950 on the show ‘The curtain rises‘directed by Brígida Alexander and shared credits with actors of the stature of Magda donato, Antonio Passy, ​​Julio Taboada and Luis Aragón, among others. He also starred in the first Sunday television series ‘La Familia Bellavista’ that was on the air for several years and was directed by Luis de Llano Palmer, who was the husband of Rita Macedo, a diva who committed suicide.

The first actress has worked in soap operas such as’ De pura sangre ‘,’ Poor Miss Limantour ‘,’ Hug me very strong ‘,’ To hell with the handsome ‘,’ Triumph of love ‘and’A lucky family‘, this being his last appearance in the show, because after 62 years he retired from the stage.

Alicia Rodríguez has a doctorate in letters from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), where she won the title ‘Magister Honoris Causa‘. In addition, he has written two books: ‘Find your mission’ and ‘A girl towards exile’.

Her activism has made her the bearer of the flag of peace and was nominated in 1997 for the Nobel Peace Prize. This is how the leading actress forged her career and achieved international recognition.


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Young actress of the Cine de Oro was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize