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On television on ARTE and in streaming / replay: Toni Erdmann (2016) by Maren Ade with Sandra Hüller, Peter Simonischek, Michael Wittenborn, Thomas Loibl, Trystan Pütter, Ingrid Bisu and Hadewych Minis in the cast. Info and opinion from Bulles de Culture on this multi-award winning favorite film re-broadcast on Thursday, December 2.

Toni Erdmann to watch on television, in streaming and in replay on ARTE: reviews and info

Abstract :

An executive woman with nerves of steel, Ines, in her thirties, is working hard as a consultant for a German company. But while the young executive, the bun as tight as her tailors, is about to finalize an important contract in Romania, her father, facetious master of disguises, arrives unexpectedly in Bucharest to try to tear his blonde offspring from the asphyxiation of its existence …

Extract from the review by Culture bubbles on the feature film Toni Erdmann written when it was released in cinemas:

Horrific, monstrous and Bulles de Culture’s favorite, this feature film leaves you speechless and definitely convinces with this last shot: from father to daughter, the grain of madness is transmitted. Because only fools are worthy of being happy.

Shooting secrets, anecdotes: did you know?

  • It is the 3rd feature film of Maren Ade.
  • In the press kit, the German director returned to the message of her film: “My film is less a call to let go than an injunction to take full responsibility. What Ines does at the end of the film is something …

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    pretty radical and it takes a certain courage to do it. It might sound a little crazy, but it’s a new start for her: from that day on, she will always be the woman who opened the door to her home to her boss in Eve’s outfit ”.

  • The shooting took place in Germany and in Romania.
  • The film received several awards including:
    – a Cannes Festival Fipresci Prize in 2016,
    – a Palme d’Or from the International Cinephile Society in 2016,
    6 Deutscher Filmpreis, equivalent of the Caesar in Germany (Best film for Janine Jackowski, Jonas Dornbach and Maren Ade, Best Director for Maren Ade, Best Actress for Sandra Hüller, Best actor for Peter Simonischek, Best Screenwriter for Maren Ade, Best Editing for Heike parplies) in 2017.

Find out more:

  • Toni Erdmann is broadcast on ARTE on Thursday 2 December 2021 at 10:30 p.m.
  • The film is also available for streaming and replay on Arte.tv
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♥ “Toni Erdmann” tonight on ARTE: a multi-award winning favorite film – Bulles de Culture