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On March 11, 1922, he was born in Madrid. Jose Luis Lopez Vazquezan icon of Spanish cinema and the star of some of the most memorable films in cinematic history. would be 100 years old today.

To be ” an admirer, a friend, a slave, a servant“or going” for swedes“the son of a seamstress and a civil servant has become, film after film, a reference in terms of the most popular light comedy in Spain in the 60s and 70s.. Awarded by a unique Goya and, in general opinion, insufficient, the honorary prize he received in 2004, its versatility has also allowed it to shine in other registers at the hands of filmmakers such as Carlos Saura, Jaime de Armiñán or, of course, Luis Garcia Berlanga.

We celebrate the centenary of José Luis López Vázquez by remembering a dozen essential works in his rich filmography. Ten titles that are available on FlixOlé, the Spanish cinema streaming platform, which offers a monographic cycle of the actor.

A large collection consisting of more than a hundred titles in which the legendary artist participated, who died on November 2, 2009 at the age of 87.and of which CulturaOcio.com highlights 10 gems and, of course, a cabin.

EL PISITO (1958)

Marco Ferreri and Isidoro M. Ferry are directing this film. dark and acid comedy which begins the examination of The fundamental titles of López Vázquez who here plays the role of Rodolfo, a young man who is desperately looking for an apartment so he can marry his girlfriend Petrita, with whom he has had a relationship for many years. The solution: that the young man marries the old woman Doña Martina. so that on his death the rights to the house, and its favorable lease, would pass to Rodolfo.

PLACIDO (1961)

It is not only one of the author’s most important works. Luis Garcia Berlangait was not for nothing that he was nominated for the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film and the Palme d’Or at Cannes, but also to what is perhaps the quintessence of Spanish Christmas film. A social portrait full of sarcasm and cinematic mastery, essential to understanding an entire era.


Great Jose Maria Forque directs this comedy in which López Vázquez forms, with Cassen and Gracita Morales, a disastrous trio of aggressors. Three workers who, to redeem themselves after the dismissal of their beloved manager and in response to their precarious working conditions, attempt to hijack the bank branch where they work.. A hilarious film that left a sentence to posterity: ” Fernando Galindo, an admirer, a slave, a friend, a servant…”.


The inclusion of this endearing comedy in our list is a recognition, not only of the importance of the history of the European Union, but also of that of Europe. also eternal Gracita Moralesbut also to all those popular films in which they have coincided and which, like this film directed by Pedro Lazaga, have served to to make a whole country laugh for decades. with titles as legendary as “Objetivo bi-ki-ni”, “Cómo está el servicio”, “Operación cabaretera”, “Vacaciones Para Ivette”, “Un vampiro para dos” or “Historias de la televisión”.


López Vázquez plays alongside Lina Canalejas one of the most critically acclaimed films. Carlos Saura with which he won the Special Jury Prize at Cannes in 1974.. The film tells the moving story of Luis, a middle-aged bachelor with great intellectual concerns who, on the occasion of the death of his mother, returns to his hometown of Segovia where he is beset by old memories and by his love for his cousin, Angélica.


In the film directed by Jaime de Arminana Transition classic, López Vázquez plays Adela, a single country woman who doesn’t understand why she has to shave and whose world comes crashing down when the doctor tells her she’s actually a man. It is one of the most complex and acclaimed performances of the actor’s career, which made the film a success. Oscar nominee for the best foreign language film and with which won Best Actor at the Chicago International Film Festival.


The “Los Tejadillos” estate of the Marquis of Leguineche, played by a delirious and brilliant Luis Escobar.is the setting of the Trilogía Nacional de Berlanga, in which López Vázquez plays the role of the son of the aristocrat. Berlanga himself and Rafael Azcona sign a script with a lot of fang filled with absurd and wacky situations and, of course, the inevitable allusions to the Austro-Hungarian Empire.


The second part of the Berlanga’s National Trilogy is also another of those essential titles in the filmography of López Vázquez, who once again plays the role of Luis José, the son of the Marquis of Leguineche who now, after Franco’s death, returns from his “exile” in the countryside to his palace in Madrid to try to reconnect with his former wealthy courtesan.


This prison comedy, in which he plays a singular priest, was López Vázquez’s last work under the legendary Berlanga.. José Sazatornil, José Sacristán, Agustín González, Juan Luis Galiardo and Manuel Alexandre are some of the other legends that complete the cast of this acidic satire that delves into the Modelo prison in Valencia, where a series of politicians and personalities meet to the occasion of the anniversary of the European Union. International Prisoner of Conscience Day.


His last great work was filmed under the orders of the Oscar-winning Argentinian director Juan José Campanella in this brilliant constumbrista drama with Ricardo Darín, against the backdrop of football.


In this cult Emmy Award-winning play, López Vázquez plays the role of a desperate man finds himself trapped in a phone booth phone booth without being able to get out. With a screenplay by Antonio Mercero and José Luis Garci and directed by Mercero himself, this evocative medium-length film, which managed to avoid Francoist censorshipreflects like few others the anguish and disarray of the ordinary citizen who is locked up without explanation.

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10 essential films by José Luis López Vázquez that you can watch right now on FlixOlé – Maroc-Actu