10 films with Léa Seydoux to see absolutely!

What are Léa Seydoux’s best films?

It’s the birthday of Léa Seydoux, a French actress who shines internationally. She made her film debut with the film The beautiful person where she is headlining. Then comes the movie The Life of Adele for which she won the Palme d’Or despite a difficult shoot. Subsequently, she alternated between auteur films and big-budget films such as james bond, for example. A look back at Léa Seydoux’s film career.

Discover the 10 best films with Léa Seydoux:

The Beautiful Person (2008)

The beautiful person

In The beautiful personLéa Seydoux plays the role of Sixteen-year-old Junie who has to change schools during the year following the death of his mother. She joins a new class including her cousin Matthias. Junie is quickly courted by the boys of the group, she agrees to become the fiancée of the calmest of them, Otto. But soon, she will be confronted with the great lovethat of Nemours, his Italian teacher. The passion that arises between them will be doomed. Not wanting to give in to her feelings, Junie persists in refusing happiness, because in her eyes it is only an illusion.

Her interpretation was noted by critics who consider that she “bursts the screen”.

Inglourious Basterds (2009)

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Inglourious Basterds

Quentin Tarantino offers Léa Seydoux a small appearance in Inglourious Basterds alongside Brad Pitt. The film takes place in the 1941 occupied France, Shosanna Dreyfus witnesses the execution of her family. Shosanna narrowly escapes and flees to Paris where she builds a new identity for herself by becoming a cinema operator. Somewhere else in Europe, Lieutenant Aldo Raine forms a group of Jewish soldiers Americans to carry out particularly bloody punitive actions against the Nazis. “The Bastards”, as their enemies will come to know them, join German actress and secret agent Bridget von Hammersmark in an attempt to eliminate the high dignitaries of the Third Reich. Their destinies will be played out at the entrance to the cinema where Shosanna is bent on enacting a very personal revenge.

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Midnight in Paris (2011)

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Midnight in Paris

After Tarantino, it’s Woody Allen’s turn with Midnight in Parisa film in tribute to the French capital. A young american couple whose wedding is planned for the fall is going to Paris for a few days. The magic of the capital does not take long to operate, especially on the young man in love with the City of Light and who aspires to a life other than his own. Léa Seydoux plays Gabrielle, an antiques saleswoman.

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The Child from Above (2012)

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The Child from Above

The Child from Above it’s the story of Simon, 12 years old who lives with his sister Louise at the foot of the mountains. In winter, he usually takes the small cable car that connects his village to the ski resort. It is up there that he steals skis and equipment from wealthy tourists, which he then resells to the children of his building for small but regular profits. Louise, who has just lost her job, takes advantage of Simon’s dealings which are gaining momentum…

A film that realistically explores precariousness.

The Grand Budapest Hotel (2013)

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The Grand Budapest Hotel

Léa Seydoux joins the very special universe of Wes Anderson in The Grand Budapest Hotel. She plays a small role there, that of Clotilde the governess but she is the only French actress in the cast (like Mathieu Almaric). The Grand Budapest Hotel transports us to between two warswhere the legendary concierge of a grand hotel and his young protege meet up involved in a story involving theft of a Renaissance painting and the battle for a huge fortune family…

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The Life of Adele (2013)

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The Life of Adele

We find Léa Seydoux unrecognizable wearing short blue hair in The Life of Adele. A critically acclaimed drama that features the passion, love at first sight between two characters. Adèle, 15, sees her life changes the day she meets Emmaa young woman with blue hair, who makes him discover the desire and allow him to stand out as a woman and adult. Faced with the gaze of others Adèle grows, seeks herself, gets lost, finds herself…

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The Lobster (2015)

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The Lobster

The Lobster offers a real reflection on the illusions in romantic relationships. The movie is a dystopia completely wacky where celibacy is forbidden. Single people are arrested and forced to stay 45 days in a hotel in order to find love. If they do not succeed before the imposed deadline, they will be transformed into the animal they chose when they arrived. To escape this fate, a man flees and joins a resistance group in the woods; the Solitaires…

007 Specter (2015)

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After Eva Green and Olga Kurylenko, it’s Léa Seydoux’s turn to play the James Bond Girl in Spectrum but also in the last James Bond, Dying can wait. She plays the role of Madeleine Swann, daughter of her enemy Mr White. James Bond quit the Secret Service and lives happy days in Jamaica. But his tranquility is short-lived because his old friend Felix Leiter from the CIA disembarks to ask for his help: it is about rescue a scientist who has just been kidnapped. But the mission turns out to be much more dangerous than expected and Bond finds himself on the heels of a mysterious enemy holding formidable technological weapons…

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Just the end of the world (2016)

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Just the end of the world

Return to French / Quebec cinema for the actress with the film Just the end of the world by Xavier Dolan. In this drama, she plays the sister ofa writer who returns to his village natal after 12 years of absence for announce his death to his family next. Those are family reunion where we tell each other the love we have for each other through the eternal quarrels, and where we tell in spite of ourselves the rancor that speaks in the name of doubt and loneliness.

A moving story with a 5-star cast where pictures and looks are worth a thousand words.

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The French Dispatch (2021)

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The French Dispatch

We find Léa Seydoux in a new collaboration with Wes Anderson in The French Dispatch. The role of Seydoux, a dry and direct prison guard, is offered to her by the director in a simple text message. It was written specifically for her before Anderson had a definite plot in mind. The French Dispatch stages a collection of stories taken from the last issue from an American magazine published in a fictional French town of the 20th century.

His next films:

This year, we find Léa Seydoux in the film Future Crimesa film with an original script that reflects on the evolution of humanity, currently in cinemas.

The actress’ upcoming movie outing includes A nice morninga semi-autobiographical drama about the life of a woman who has to raise her child alone, in theaters October 5, 2022.

She will also act in the film The beast, initially alongside the late Gaspard Ulliel, replaced George MacKay. She also joins Cécile de France in the casting of The Bal des Follesscheduled for release in 2023. She is announced to play in the film Emmanuelle.

Finally, she is expected in Dunes: Part 2 by Denis Villeneuve where she will play the role of Lady Margot.

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10 films with Léa Seydoux to see absolutely!