7 books on female sexuality to discover urgently

Female sexuality is an ocean of secrets. And it is not on the benches of the school that we risk unraveling its innumerable mysteries. During SVT, the female genitalia were briefly discussed, even under-represented. Menstruation, menopause, masturbation, vaginal discharge… all these facets are still shrouded in great societal taboo.

But today, female sexuality is experiencing its hour of glory through literature. Books on anatomy rain down in droves and redraw fairer contours to our dear private parts. Overview of the paper nuggets that we have spotted.

1 – Good in my head, good in my panties, Amal Tahir

This book, which we owe tostudent midwife Amal Tahir offers a burst of benevolence and wisdom. With this positive title, the author invites us to dive into the depths of our bodies and soak up their beauty. The specialist encourages loving each other from every angle from head to toe, vulva and breasts. Here, women do not give in to the whims of men. They explore their sexuality, awaken their senses and borrow the path to fulfillment.

It is a well-being guide combining scientific knowledge (in the field of female anatomy, sex education, body education, etc.) and positive discourse. This book floods us with self-love and good vibes while guiding us in our educational quest. To sum up, Good in my head, good in my panties thus positions itself as the Holy Grail to relieve guilt and reconnect with one’s desires.

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2 – The revenge of the clitoris, Maïa Mazaurette

Farewell to the thesis that combines penetration and orgasm. To reach 7th heaven, you can taste the other delights of the body. Columnist Maïa Mazaurette focused on the clitoris, this little piece of flesh with 8000 nerve endings. This book has a strong ambition: bring women out of ignorance of their bodies and draw men’s attention to the modalities of female sexual pleasure.

To illustrate sexual relations, the reproductive organs are always put in the forefront. However, they do not always win the palme d’or for the best enjoyment. With the support of sexologist Damien Mascret, Maïa, analyzes in a story tinged with humor, the reasons for this strange “cultural excision”. On each page, we rediscover the surprising powers of the clitoris.

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3 – Jouissance Club: A cartography of pleasure, Jüne Pla

Jüne Pla holds the queens of sulphurous Instagram account @JouissanceClub. On the Web, she paints a picture of an uninhibited sexuality and draws a line under the diktats. A singular signature that can also be found in his eponymous book. Cunnilingus, fellatio, masturbation… the illustrations on the front cover say a lot about the content.

Like a small practical guide, this book accompanies us in our sexual routine. Goodbye classic positions and penetration, welcome to the temple of renewal. The creative author proposes focus on the 1001 ways to have fun differently, in a free, jubilant and benevolent way. A touch of humor, a good dose of advice, all sprinkled with delicious drawings… The perfect recipe for bring some spice to female sexuality.

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4 – Les Joys d’en bas: All about the female sex, Ellen Stokken Dahl & Nina Brochmann

It is unquestionably the bestseller on female sexuality. This book, which we owe to two Norwegian doctors, is the result of a long research process. Based on scientific studies, the two young women lift the veil on the prejudices that surround female sexuality. Sacred and coveted, the two women finally put their finger on the famous G-spot. And it would not be at all what you think. According to Ellen Stokken Dahl, it would be a “myth” since it would “never have been found”.

The book The Joys of Below thus reviews all the anatomical fundamentals of the female sex and blur all false truths. We penetrate into the abyss of hormones, we witness the eventful ballet of sexuality and we dismantle the clichés that have persisted for centuries. No, we cannot medically determine whether a girl is still a virgin. No, the purely “vaginal” orgasm does not exist. And the clitoris is not a magic button that you just have to press… So manyaffirmations as amazing as they are enriching which will indeed modify our perception of the body.

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5 – Very intimate, Ina Mihalache

Ina Mihalache, better known as “Solange talks to you” on Youtube, released an authentic book about sexuality. With a “boudoir” atmosphere in the background, she takes us into the intimate universe of women who are between 18 and 46 years old. For a time, the author went in search of sincere testimonies. Frivolous, discreet, modest, complexed, dominating… all sexual profiles are highlighted, from the naughtiest to the most prudish.

Those stories without filters echo our personal experiences : from awkward moments, to memorable moments, through troubled times. The joys of cunnilingus, the quest for the “crazy orgasm dragon”, the influence of porn, abuse, low libidos, passion, men-objects… all aspects of female sexuality are highlighted, always with great simplicity. This collection is therefore a hymn to female empowerment. Each story proves that female sexuality is much more intense than we think.

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6 – The Little Guide to Female Masturbation, Julia Pietri

One educational and feminist illustrated guide that you will surely love. Feminist author and holder of the Instagram account @Gangduclito, Julia Pietri needles over the pages of her book women in their quest for pleasure, through masturbation.

We find testimonies,detailed clitoris anatomy or advice on how to reach orgasm. Misogynistic stereotypes about female masturbation are falling apart, enough to break taboos around solitary pleasure ! To read and to offer.

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7 – Enjoy: In search of female orgasm, Sarah Barmac

We tend to think that in the 21st century, women’s sexuality is liberated. However, more 50% of them say they are dissatisfied, whether due to a lack of desire or difficulty reaching orgasm. It is therefore by focusing on this alarming figure that journalist Sarah Barmak decided to look into female pleasure. Why are women so disappointed with their high leg parts?

To answer this complex question, the Canadian went to the field. She deciphered scientific studies and interfered in the lives of these women in search of a pleasing libido. History, health, sex toys, tantra… the 30-year-old explores all subjects related to female sexuality. With a first person speech, she takes us by the hand and educates our mentalities to achieve an uninhibited sexuality, devoid of any guilt.

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After having surveyed each page of these crispy and instructive books, you will know all the powers of your feminine sexuality. Ultimately, the human body is a cabinet of curiosities that contains extraordinary powers. It is urgent to think about oneself and one’s intimate well-being. Basically, the better you know your body and the better you enjoy the reports.

And you, which book(s) do you think is the most complete on female sexuality? Come and give us your opinion on our forum, heading Sexuality.

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7 books on female sexuality to discover urgently