75 things you need to know or may have forgotten about the Cannes Film Festival (from 31 to 37)

31. 1979, Françoise Sagan will not be reimbursed

1979, Françoise Sagan is the President of the Festival and cannot agree with her jury for the Palme d’Or. While she campaigned for the film “The Drum” by Volker Schöndorff, “Apocalypse Now” by Francis Ford Copolla was favored by her jury. It is therefore an ex-aequo Palme d’or which is awarded, to the great regret of Sagan who, in bad faith, declares that she was under pressure from the direction of the Festival. Race results? She will not be reimbursed for her expense reports because she had left a slate of 10,000 francs at her palace in Cannes.

32. Brigitte Bardot imposed… by her husband

International beauty icon and star of the film And God Created Woman, Brigitte Bardot goes to Cannes on the arm of her husband, Gunter Sachs. His arrival on the red carpet is a real event and the police are overwhelmed. This appearance will be the last of “BB” in Cannes but, above all, its presence in Cannes was negotiated in an atypical way. Indeed, his arrival was conditional on the screening of the documentary Batouk, produced by Gunter Sach, husband of “BB” and uncompromising businessman. Give and take.

33. It’s a real financial windfall for the city of Cannes

With this year a festival returning to its traditional dates, an entire city hopes to derive a windfall at least as large as in 2019, with economic benefits then estimated at 196 million euros. The 125,000 festival-goers and 12,000 professionals had generated 90,000 overnight stays and 2,200 jobs during the event, according to the town hall.

34. How is the jury composed?

There, we will let Thierry Frémaux speak, because he is the one who talks about it best. The general delegate of the Festival indicated in 2012 on France Culture that the choice of the jury “obeyed rules of balance (…) trying to alternate the quality of people, director, writer, to compose a group of nine people capable of giving a good track record”. The composition of the jury is made according to the president of the jury, “I have a tradition of asking the president of the jury if he has any enemies, so that we don’t do stupid things”, he said. We must avoid the odds and spare the egos.

35. How much does a Palme d’Or cost?

It is difficult to say, as its value is probably inestimable in the eyes of the recipients. However, the site of the CNC, the national cinema center indicates that a Palme d’or is worth around 20,000 euros. An estimate, of course, but the metals and craftsmanship that goes into making it likely means it’s in the ballpark.

36. Claudia Cardinale and a cheetah on the Croisette

Other times, other customs. In 1963, Claudia Cardinale attracted all eyes when she landed on the Croisette with a panther by her side, to promote the film “Le Guépard”. A paying effort, since the film had won the Palme d’Or during this edition.

37. “Dumbo” had put his name on the charts

Animated films rarely shone during the Cannes Film Festival, at least in the official competition open to feature films. By rummaging through the archives, we still find the trace of a film signed Walt Disney on the charts. Directed by Ben Sharpsteen, “Dumbo” received the Grand Jury Prize in 1947.

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75 things you need to know or may have forgotten about the Cannes Film Festival (from 31 to 37)