75 things you should know or have forgotten about the Cannes Film Festival, part one

1. Nine directors received two awards

We could call them the double-webbed. Nine directors have received two prizes since the beginning of the Festival. Alf Sjöberg (Grand Prix, old name, 1946 and 1951), Francis Ford Coppola (Grand Prix in 1974 and Palme d’Or in 1979), Shoei Imamura (1983 and 1997), Bille August (1988 and 1992), Emir Kusturica ( 1985 and 1995), the brothers Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne (1999 and 2005), the Austrian Michael Haneke (2009 and 2012), Ken Loach (2006 and 2016).

2. The number of photos taken by a photographer while climbing the stairs

At Nice-Matin, approximately 1,500 photos are taken daily by each of the photographers responsible for following the Festival for your favorite daily newspaper. Of this amount, most is taken while climbing stairs where “over a thousand photos” can be taken at that time.

Photos that must then be sorted, edited, sometimes cropped and then uploaded to a site which will then allow editors and editorial secretaries to be able to use them for their articles.

3. The ticket office that sometimes crashes…

To access the screenings, you have to connect to a dedicated site, and “try” to choose a film. Reservations open every day at 7am. As much to say to you that it is necessary to wake up early even if the meeting of the day before ended late, to be alert and to have the nimble finger on the F5 key of the keyboard. The most viewed phrase of the fortnight? “504 Gateway Time-out”… The explanation of the Festival? “The difficulties encountered this morning on the online booking site are most likely due to acts aimed at saturating the site with requests, thus preventing festival-goers from accessing it”.

4. There haven’t always been Palms

The first Palme was awarded in 1955 to “Marty” by the American Delbert Mann by a jury chaired by Marcel Pagnol. Until 1954, the best film won the Grand Prize at the International Film Festival. The award-winning director left with a diploma and a work of art signed by a contemporary artist.

5. How many steps to access the palace entrance?

24. That’s twice twelve to climb in waxed shoes or barefoot, like Kristen Stewart. And these are perhaps the most famous marches in the world. Covered with a red carpet that changes regularly, these are the scene of a meticulous protocol.

6. In 75 editions, only 12 women have been presidents of the jury

Twelve women in 75 editions! We grant you, it’s not much and parity still has a little way to go, but what jury presidents! It was Olivia de Havilland who paved the way in 1965, followed by Sophia Loren. Then Michèle Morgan, Ingrid Bergman, Jeanne Moreau, Françoise Sagan, Isabelle Adjani, Liv Ullmann, or even Isabelle Huppert and Jane Campion chaired the official competition jury. The latest is Cate Blanchett in 2018.

7. The jury must award 7 prizes

It is in the rules of the Festival and there is no question of derogating from it. The official selection jury must necessarily award seven prizes: the Palme d’Or, the Grand Prix, the Jury Prize, the Screenplay Prize, the Director’s Prize as well as the Prizes for Female and Male Interpretation. .

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75 things you should know or have forgotten about the Cannes Film Festival, part one