A Palme d’Or and two Goncourts among 70 artists in residence in the United States

Julia Ducournau, Leïla Slimani and Nicolas Mathieu were chosen as part of the Villa Albertine, a center of cultural cooperation created to “contribute to changing the way Americans view the French cultural landscape“.

A Palme d’Or and two Goncourt prizes in artist residency in the United States: the filmmaker Julia Ducournau and the writers Leïla Slimani and Nicolas Mathieu will count in 2023 among seventy French and foreign artists installed throughout the country for projects artistic and cultural exchanges, announced Monday the French authorities in New York.

For 70 artist residencies lasting one to three months – traveling or located in New York and other major American cities – Paris has allocated 1.8 million euros (25,000 euros per artist), indicated Gaëtan Bruel, director of the Villa Albertine, the cultural cooperation center of the French Embassy in the United States. “By inviting its residents to leave the walls of the residence, to form a community with the Americans they meet (…), the Villa Albertine is also betting on helping to change the way Americans look at the French cultural landscape.“, still considered across the Atlantic as elitist and classic, pleaded the diplomat during a presentation to the press. Fact, “there has never been so much need to share experiences and the way we apprehend the world“, argued Glenn Lowry, director of the Museum of Modern Art in New York (Moma), who participated in the selection of eclectic projects in all the arts (cinema, literature, theater, architecture, painting, plastic art, art visual, music, dance…).

Increase fame

Thus, to prepare for her next film, Julia Ducournau, winner of the Palme d’Or at Cannes in 2021 for Titaniumwill dive into the middle of “tattoo artistsfrom New York and will survey dermatological surgeons from a hospital in the megalopolis, according to Villa Albertine.

Franco-Moroccan Leïla Slimani, Goncourt Prize in 2016 for Soft song (translated under the title The Perfect Nanny), “research the Muslim communityfrom New York andon the little-known place that Islam occupiesin the city and in the country.

The Goncourt 2018, Nicolas Mathieu, wants him “immersing yourself in Oxford, in Mississippi, birthplace of (William) Faulkner, re-reading the work of the Nobel Prize (for literature in 1949, editor’s note), see and feel this America not so far from France that he describes, and work on his next novel“, according to the Villa Albertine. For Mr. Bruel, the objective of these residencies, which will also include architects Frédéric Chartier and Pascale Dalix in Chicago and visual artist Sara Ouhaddou in Houston and Los Angeles, is to increase the reputation of French and Francophone artists in the United States. United, especially in New York, which according to him remains the world capital of the arts.

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A Palme d’Or and two Goncourts among 70 artists in residence in the United States