A torrid love triangle with Gaspar Noé, Schwarzy in his most cult role… what’s new on MUBI?

The SVOD MUBI platform offers special offers for the end of the year. This is the perfect opportunity to discover its catalog, rich in cult films and indie marvels… and to share your passion with your loved ones!

Launched in 2007, MUBI is a British streaming platform, whose catalog consists mainly of auteur films and great classics.

Popular with moviegoers, it offers an ideal end-of-year offer to introduce your loved ones to your passion: a 3-month subscription at €35.99 or an annual plan at a reduced price of €89.99. Because cinema is above all a matter of sharing! On this occasion, focus on these cult films and rare gems to discover now on MUBI.

3 essentials, to live exceptional cinema experiences

The Square

Recently awarded a Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival for Without Filter – Triangle of Sadness, Ruben Östlund was not at his first attempt: in 2017, the Swedish director had already stood out for the very appreciated The Square, crowned with the same prize.

Christian, a divorced father, enjoys spending time with his two children. Appreciated curator of a contemporary art museum, he drives an electric car and supports major humanitarian causes. His next exhibition, The Square, encourages visitors to altruism and reminds them of their duties towards their neighbors. But it is sometimes difficult to live in accordance with one’s values. When Christian’s cell phone is stolen, his reaction does not honor him…

Acid and surprising, The Square will not fail to seduce you with the modernity of its grating and cruel writing.


One January 1st, in the morning, the phone rings. Murphy, 25, wakes up alongside his wife and child. The message left on the answering machine brings him back to the past and pushes him to remember his greatest love story, with his former partner Electra. A passion full of promises, games, excesses and errors…

After Irréversible and Enter the Void, Love by Gaspar Noé promises to give you an unforgettable cinematic experience. Sublime according to some, outrageous for others: this controversial film with raw sex scenes will not leave you indifferent.


The MUBI catalog is loaded with great classics, such as The Revenge of a Blonde, Battle Royale or Terminator. James Cameron’s film, always timeless, is perfect for (re)discovering the director’s emblematic work, years before the creation of Titanic or Avatar.

A human-looking robot embodied by Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Terminator, is sent to our world from a future where his race is waging a merciless war against men. His mission is to find and eliminate Sarah Connor before she gives birth to John, called to become the leader of the resistance. The latter sends one of its members on the heels of the cyborg to stop him. A merciless fight is coming!

3 little-known nuggets to discover urgently

The African Desperate

The African Desperate follows artist Palace Bryant on a very long day, which begins with his Master of Fine Arts degree and ends at a station in the middle of the Chicago subway.

Filmed with Martine Syms’ humour, social gaze and subversive language, The African Desperate takes us on an intimate and amusing journey, made up of picturesque landscapes and artists’ studios, from academic criticism to one-night stands, from the graduation party to the lonely ride home. This MUBI exclusive is a sure hit!

Time to Love

On the Princes’ Islands, south of Istanbul, the days are rainy and full of nostalgia. Halil, a poor but proud painter, gets a job in one of the island’s villas, where he discovers the photograph of a beautiful woman. Immediately, he falls in love with his image.

Inspired by Sufi tales, this heartbreaking romance subtly bears witness to the difficulties of interclass love, which ultimately seems impossible. The little-known film by Metin Erksan, almost 60 years old, has been completely restored by MUBI teams.

The Humans

The Blake family gathers for Thanksgiving at Brigid and her partner Richard’s apartment in Manhattan. As the evening progresses, the family members’ frustrations and insecurities are revealed, while long-hidden secrets come to the surface.

Cousin on the other side of the Atlantic to Kitchen and Dependencies, The Humans takes on the appearance of a sinuous family drama before beginning its descent into terror. A rare pearl, carried by a stunning cast and the fresh but ingenious eye of Stephen Karam.

These films can be found on MUBI.

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A torrid love triangle with Gaspar Noé, Schwarzy in his most cult role… what’s new on MUBI?