Accessible TV programs: our selection of films and series in audio description from May 14 to 20

Like every week, Télé-Loisirs offers you its program guide in audio description. This system consists of a voice-over that describes the events taking place on the screen and allowing the blind or visually impaired viewer to understand what is happening beyond the dialogues. Depending on your box or the platform you use, you must then activate the audio description. As with hard of hearing subtitles, the operation can be tedious. Here are our recommendations for May 14-20.

The best audio description programs for Saturday May 14

Civilizations and climate: The dawn of time (documentary, 8:50 p.m., Arte, unpublished): In the Mediterranean Basin 3,200 years ago, the end of the Bronze Age saw the simultaneous collapse of several civilizations, in the space of just one or two generations. What role did the climate play in these events? Archaeologists and historians converge the object of their research around Greece and the Near East, and first of all the Egypt of Ramses III. By mixing geology and climatology with history, a new era of scientific research is opening up.

Murders in Cayenne (TV film, 9:10 p.m., France 3): The body of a brilliant biologist is found with his throat slit, after a carnival evening, at the foot of the mythical Fort Cépérou, which overlooks the city of Cayenne in Guyana. A triangle and a circle, cabalistic signs, are engraved on the face of the victim. Captain Cassandra Molba, pregnant, is in charge of the case, assisted by Lieutenant Antoine Lagarde. An interesting cast – Philippe Caroit and Nadège Beausson-Diagne in the lead – and the natural settings of Guyana, but the plot is not very original.

The best audio description programs for Sunday May 15

Sagrada Familia, Gaudi’s challenge (documentary, 1:55 p.m., Arte): The Sagrada Familia is an exception in architectural history. Still under construction, the Barcelona church attracts 5 million tourists a year. Taking the analysis of the building as a red thread, the documentary also returns to the personality of its designer: the Catalan Antoni Gaudi, a genius in artistic and technical design. This fascinating documentary returns to the construction of an extraordinary building. We dive into the universe of an atypical genius.

The good times (film, 9:05 p.m., France 2, unpublished): Victor, a depressed sixty-year-old, has the opportunity to relive the favorite period of his life through a very elaborate role-playing game. He chooses to go back forty years, when he met Marianne, his wife, who now hates him… Although quite flashy, this choral comedy by Nicolas Bedos combines humor and emotion and does not lack personality. The actors have a field day.

The best audio description programs for Monday, May 16

Alice and the Mayor (film, 1:35 p.m., Arte): In Lyon, Alice Heimann, a young normal student and brilliant philosopher, is contacted by the mayor of the city, Paul Théraneau. Intrigued, Alice accepts the meeting and meets a somewhat tired politician, in full doubt, who asks her to help him find inspiration for his public speaking engagements. The young woman gets down to the task, complicated by the character of the city councilor. Fabrice Luchini and Anaïs Demoustier radiate in this comedy of characters with subtle writing.

She (film, 8:50 p.m., Arte): One day, a masked intruder breaks into Michèle’s house, through the window of her house, and rapes her. After the attack, she decides to act as if nothing had happened… Specialist in grating and provocative cinema, Paul Verhoeven (“Basic Instinct”, “Starship Troopers”) delivers a disturbing and skilful thriller, literally sublimated by interpretation by Isabelle Huppert.

Titanium (film, 9:10 p.m., Canal+, unpublished): Traumatized by a car accident that occurred in her childhood, Alexia kills the people who get in her way before fleeing and changing her identity. She soon meets Vincent, a firefighter who has never recovered from the disappearance of his son. Awarded a Palme d’or, a horrific thriller as singular as it is disturbing in which Vincent Lindon and Agathe Rousselle are amazing.

The best audio description programs for Tuesday, May 17

Between the walls (film, 9 p.m., France 4): In a 4th grade class, François Marin, a French teacher, involves his students in verbal jousting, very often making the French language a real issue. Even if it means sometimes taking the risk of slipping… Palme d’or for this unvarnished dive into the life of a difficult college in the 20th arrondissement of Paris. The young novice actors are confusing by nature.

Sorry We Missed You (film, 9:10 p.m., France 2, unpublished): A self-employed delivery driver and father is caught in a downward spiral. With his faithful screenwriter Paul Laverty, Ken Loach once again and forcefully denounces the misdeeds of ultraliberalism.

The doc and the vet: Leaving, coming back (TV movie, 9:10 p.m., France 3, unpublished): In Valerande-les-Chantelles, one night, the veterinarian Pierre Josset is awakened when three teenagers, a young girl and two boys from the village, enter his office as well as that of Emma Colin, doctor who shares his premises. She wishes to call the police, he restrains her by asking her for some time to investigate and settle the matter directly with them. We let ourselves be carried away by a “village” story with very contemporary social issues, with a well-directed plot.

The best audio description programs for Wednesday, May 18

120 beats per minute (film, 8:55 p.m., Arte): In the early 1990s, Nathan joined the Act Up Paris association and took part in their spectacular actions. It is there that he meets the incandescent Sean, with whom he falls in love. But Sean has AIDS. For his third feature film, Robin Campillo signs an exceptional work. Both a historical fresco and a love chronicle, 120 Beats per minute, supported by involved actors, is as moving as it is enlightening.

Rousseau’s fault – “Zoé and responsibility” (series, 9:10 p.m., France 2, unpublished): Benjamin Rousseau, professor of philosophy, is back for a second year at La Fontaine high school. Zoé, one of her first-grade students, blacks out every weekend after drinking heavily at parties. His parents are worried about his future. Benjamin Rousseau tries to help this brilliant but increasingly lost student. A beautiful and fair character study and endearing characters, played by convincing young actors.

The best audio description programs for Thursday, May 19

In therapy – “Monday July 6, 2020, 7:30 a.m.: Inès” (series, 8:55 p.m., Arte, unpublished): Far from the drift displayed during her previous session, Inès is again dressed to the nines. Having regained her very particular sense of humor, she seems to have regained her footing. But when she announces her decision to proceed to a PMA in a clinic in Copenhagen, doctor Dayan seeks to probe the true meaning of her desire for motherhood. By updating the contradictory injunctions that weighed on his patient, a teenager, Doctor Dayan accompanies her on the path to emancipation.

little peasant (film, 9:10 p.m., France 3): Pierre Chavanges, 30, has just taken over the family dairy farm. While devoting all his time to the farm, the young man worries about the health of one of his cows, which he suspects of having contracted an infectious disease. If this were true, it would be necessary to eliminate all its livestock. A thriller-flavoured character study, this tense and realistic first film is a great success.

The best audio description programs for Friday, May 20

Juliet in her bath (TV movie, 8:55 p.m., Arte, unpublished): Stupor among the Kandiotis: while they are having a peaceful evening at home with their friends, the police come to tell them of the disappearance of their daughter Lara, kidnapped in the middle of the street. Ronald Kandiotis seems to have blood on his hands: against all expectations, it is not money that the kidnappers demand, but public confessions from the wealthy patron. This adaptation of a novel by Merin Arditi skilfully uses mise en abyme, through the cross-use of the multiple media that punctuate our daily lives.

Mr Hire (film, 9 p.m., France 5): A young woman has been murdered. An inspector interrogates Mr Hire, a solitary tailor. The subtle and disturbing portrait by Patrice Leconte of a misanthrope, by turns cold and touching (Michel Blanc, formidable). Based on Simenon’s novel.

Candice Renoir – “A single being is missing and everything is depopulated” (series, 9:10 p.m., France 2, unpublished): Wounded by a bullet in the region of the heart, Candice is put in an artificial coma. In a pink medical gown, she gazes at herself in bewilderment like a ghost. In this in-between space, she meets Théo, a young man also plunged into a coma following a scooter accident. The latter confides to him that he filmed a mummified body in an abandoned house. An original and well-crafted plot, supported by an interpretation of great accuracy and a sober realization.

The old gun (film, 10:40 p.m., France 3): In 1944, a surgeon sets out to take revenge on the Germans who murdered his wife and daughter. A drama of great emotional force, which benefits from a magnificent interpretation by Philippe Noiret and Romy Schneider.

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Accessible TV programs: our selection of films and series in audio description from May 14 to 20