After the revelations about the singer of Arcade Fire, Feist renounces to ensure the first part of the group

The singer Feist is leaving the European tour of the Arcade Fire group, which she was supposed to open for. In question, the behavior of singer Win Butler revealed by a Pitchfork survey.

This is the news that shook the world of indie rock last week: an investigation published on pitchfork reveals the inappropriate actions of the singer of the Canadian group Arcade Fire, Win Butler.

Sexual assaults, but also sending messages of a sexual nature without consent and a climate of control are reported by three women and one non-binary person with whom the musician and singer was in contact between 2015 and 2020. These four witnesses were between 18 and 23 years old during the facts related in the investigation, while Win Butler was over 35. Behaviors that go to the opposite of“virtuous image” of the artist and the group.

Since 2004 and his album Funeral, the group is considered one of the spearheads of indie rock. He will be in France in Paris, Lille, Nantes and Bordeaux during the month of September as part of his European tour which started a few days after the publication of Pitchfork.

Feist’s Decision

It was the singer Feist who was to provide the first part. Had to, because the Canadian made the decision to withdraw following the Pitchfork revelations.

Feist (Twitter)

“It sparked a discussion that is bigger than me, bigger than my songs, and obviously bigger than any tour. As I tried to find my feet and understand my responsibility in this situation, I received dozens of messages from people around me showing support for the dichotomy I found myself in. Staying on tour meant either I was defending or ignoring the harm done by Win Butler, and leaving it meant I was judge and jury.

[…] We all have a story on this spectrum from basic toxic masculinity, to pervasive misogyny, to being physically, psychologically, emotionally, or sexually assaulted. This situation touches each of our lives and speaks to each of us in a unique way. There is no one path to healing when one has endured any version of this list, nor one way to rehabilitate the perpetrators. […] I can’t settle anything by slamming the door, and I can’t settle anything by staying. But I can’t go on. […]

I’m not perfect and I will move forward with this decision imperfectly, but I know the best way to take care of my band and my crew and my family is to distance myself from this tour, but not from this discussion. »

The singer has made it known that the money from the sales of her merchandising at the Dublin concerts would be donated to Women’s Aid Ireland to support victims of domestic violence.

In a statement following the release of Pitchfork’s investigation, Win Butler claimed his relationships were consensual and apologized people hurt by his behavior.

To date, Arcade Fire’s tour shows have passed without any reported outcry against the singer, according to early concert reviews reported by NME. Several comments on social networks nevertheless point out a latent malaise among some fans

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After the revelations about the singer of Arcade Fire, Feist renounces to ensure the first part of the group