Air Corsica’s environmental commitment rewarded

The airline company just received Senate the Palme d’Or of the Committee of France. At a time when the air is singled out, its strategy of sustainable development appears exemplary. It is contained in an Ambizione 2025 plan which aims to reduce the carbon footprint.

Being where you are not necessarily expected. It is perhaps in the nature of a transport company, air moreover.

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Air Corsica has thus just received in the Senate the palme d’or for environmental involvement, accompanied by the diploma of merit and national prestige, and awarded by the Comité de France, an institution founded under the IVe Republic and which distinguishes those who contribute to the economic, industrial or cultural influence of the country, but also, because it is now in tune with the times, to the defense of the environment.

The airline has thus charted its course among these national concerns, to the point of becoming the winner for 2022 in a field where the airline, however, would, as we say, get a little bad press. Treated as a polluter, often singled out, finally stigmatized by many lesson givers. As Luc Bereni, Chairman of the Air Corsica Board of Directors, points out, “the sector is responsible for 3% of CO2 emissions for the planet. But I am not sure that the debate is limited, on this subject, to 3% occupation of the media space”.

What caught the attention of the Comité de France was not simply the case of an airline which is trying, at all costs, to green its image. But from a company that includes this environmental objective in a series of initiatives, and even in a plan called Ambizione 2025, the outline of which draws a real CSR strategy, already at work in many areas.

Called to speak after Olivier de Tilière, president of the French Committee, Marie-Hélène Casanova-Servas has declined this plan, making Air Corsica, the company for the first time in France. A pioneer in the implementation of sorting on board its planes. A precursor again for the use of satellite guidance in the airport approach procedure which makes the trajectories shorter, less noisy, less polluting finally. Finally, a pioneer in the renewal of its fleet, by opting for more economical, more efficient aircraft, adapted to the connections provided by the company which, in Corsica, fulfills a public service mission. “We have adopted for a long time, underlines the president of the Supervisory Board of Air Corsica, a voluntary CSR development strategy based on choices of fleet investment, mode of operation, team management, tending to promote new behaviors and new references.”

Further step up efforts

Greening the wings again, but by sharing this desire with the staff who, on the ground, drive in electric vehicles on the runways, participate with Aéro Biodiversité in a better knowledge of the fauna and flora which develops around the runways of airports and, in the air, participates without hesitation in the Zero Plastic policy advocated by the company, reducing waste, collecting recyclable material, 90% of the volume of on-board service now.

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The Ambizione 2025 plan, set to music by Marie-Antoinette Santoni-Brunelli, CSR sustainable development director, multiplies its actions, as it seeks to amplify the territorial and societal anchoring of Air Corsica, partner of nearly two hundred associations or events in Corsica. This also requires special vigilance over the company’s own transport needs which, for its business lines, is developing recruitment and training on the island. And attaches to the compensation of its carbon footprint which will have to be total in 2025, but still lacks projects to be accomplished fully on the territory of Corsica.

“The climatic events of this summer, the devastating power of the storm that hit Corsica, explains Marie-Hélène Casanova-Servas, encourage us to accentuate and further accelerate Air Corsica’s efforts for sustainable development.” “It is also, she continues, a concern that should be rooted in every Corsica. We have always been aware of the privileged environment which is that of Corsica, and of the need for the islanders to safeguard it. By correcting our behavior, by preserving the territory and its ecosystems, by developing skilled trades on its soil, by strengthening the links within our society, and finally by bequeathing to young people values ​​in which they recognize themselves.”

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A palm can thus give wings. That of the Comité de France specifically wanted to highlight the proactive approach of the company in terms of sustainable development and the fight against pollution. The managers of Air Corsica wanted to share it with the staff of the company, more than 700 employees: “It is their involvement, their work that are being rewarded today.”

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Air Corsica’s environmental commitment rewarded