Alain Delon: A serious car accident!

While odious rumors regularly tell the worst, Alain Delon is fine. On November 25, the 87-year-old actor celebrated his daughter Anouchka’s birthday at home, along with Julien, his son-in-law, and Lino, his soon-to-be 2-year-old grandson. During this tender moment spent with the family, the hero of Jacques Deray’s film, Borsalinoappeared smiling, as evidenced by a touching photo posted by Anouchka on social networks.

Alain is therefore far from remaining cloistered in his property in Douchy, in Loiret, his haven of peace since 1971. He who had declared to Paris Match in 2018 that he will leave “this world without regrets” has regained the taste for life. He is resting and taking care of his health, which has been so severely tested lately. Thus, his driver regularly drives him aboard a sedan to a clinic in Switzerland, where he rested after his stroke in 2019. The actor, who, fortunately, does not seem to have had any after-effects too serious, especially in terms of motor skills, moves around and does not hesitate to drive for several hours to carry out these simple check-ups. That is to say if he seems to have regained his form!

He was close to death

During this long car journey which takes him back three years, no doubt he cannot help replaying in his head the film of his life which, lately, has taken a strange turn. While driving towards Switzerland, the one who had also said in this same interview “I have known everything, seen everything” must think back to all those moments when he was close to death. The last time was three years ago. A few weeks after receiving an honorary Palme d’or at Cannes, the legend of French cinema was hospitalized in June 2019 at the American Hospital in Neuilly-sur-Seine for dizziness and severe headaches, before returning home a few days later. But three months after this alert, his eldest son Anthony announced, to everyone’s amazement, that his father had suffered a stroke and that he had been operated on at the Pitié-Salpêtrière, in Paris, where he remained. three weeks in intensive care. Having seen the Grim Reaper up close, Luchino Visconti’s favorite actor (Rocco and his brothers, Cheetah) would he think that death could pick him off around a bend?

Possible thoughts that could send him back to this terrible car accident that occurred in 1958, during which he almost died in full youth, like James Dean. On the sidelines of the filming of Be beautiful and stop talking of Marc Allégret, in which he gave the reply to Jean-Paul Belmondo, he had borrowed, one day, the car of his friend writer Pascal Jardin, to return home. After having rushed into the Saint-Cloud tunnel, on the A 13 motorway, driving at full speed, he had suddenly lost control of the vehicle. But in spite of the five rolls carried out by this one, he had survived miraculously. Wounded in the face, nearly disfigured, he had to receive many stitches. This appalling road accident, which occurred at the very place where, in 2009, actor Jocelyn Quivrin was killed at the wheel of an Ariel Atom, could very well have won.

A scar under the chin

He was then only 23 years old and “his nights [étaient] even livelier than his days”, as Laurent Galinon writes in his book Delon in chiaroscuro, which has just been published by Editions Mareuil and in which is recounted this episode which so deeply marked the star. This four-horse that he embedded in a concrete wall while he was shooting his second film, Alain Delon, great lord, had insisted on reimbursing it in “small bills” the next day, compensating its owner, Pascal Jardin. The actor with the beauty of the devil had come out of it with a scar under his chin which will make director Jean-Pierre Melville say – who will offer Alain Delon, years later, in 1967, one of his best roles with the Samurai –: “This guy, alas, will never be able to have a career! We only see that! »

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Alain Delon: A serious car accident!